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Dec 31, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skeating622</b></div><div>JEE is not a Top 10 C in the NHL, stop it.
Tell Patrice Bergeron he's a better defensive center.
Strome is 27.
Now they gotta pay JEE as a very good defensive C, which he is, &amp; not based on his 3rd line C offensive production, you cant have it both ways. Wild Cap doesn't look too bad in the immediate future with those UFAs coming off the books.
My comment on Suter &amp; Parise was, Guerin's gonna wait 4 years to add, to compete until those deals are done? I find that very unlikely.
If the Wild are sitting where they are at the deadline, BG is going to try to add offense, especially for the PP. Not saying that would be at the expense of JEE or involve NYR.

NYR wouldn't have any reason to take the trade as originally proposed.

i get it, you probably have his poster on your wall &amp; got his autograph, he fits that system well &amp; could be a top 6 forward, 2C for the Wild, maybe win a Selke, but Top 10 in the NHL? come on.</div></div>

Dude Guerin doesn't give a Jack about Ryan suter, or Parise

The younger movement has taken over in Minnesota

Yes, you are wrong because any move Guerin has made was everything to bring in new leadership,. Guerin isn't making move by on helping parise or suter, that is a fact

You are wrong about wild cap. Wild have close to 25 mil in cap room, &amp; will have more if dumba is traded, , or one of cam Talbot/ soucy gets selected or dumba selected


You can simply look at articles out there in which Guerin has made it clear he's not adding to this year's roster, not hurting future, , &amp; he's also not taking from this year's roster in terms of player's who are free agents

He's already talked to wild players about this
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