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Jul 22, 2020
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Thread: A New Hope
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MauriceArthur15</b></div><div>Umm I don't think you. watch Rielly enough and you watch fans complain about Rielly on twitter. He's one of the best defencemans when it comes to making that first pass. He's ok defender but that's what Demelo is there for. Demelo is great defensively and you seen firsthand how much losing Demelo hurts your team. Also Rielly isn't all offence. He's a transition player. There are 4 types of defenceman. An offensive d-man is Barrie, who has a bomb from the point and its great passing and etc. Theres a defence dman which is Savard. Just committed to playing defence. There are 2 way dman like Hamilton who's good at both offensive and defence side. Then there puck moving dman which Rielly is. A puck moving dman is a dman with a great first pass and can skate his way out of troubled is the new day dman. Guys like Makar, Hughes, and Rielly. Not saying Rielly is on their level, but that's what Winnipeg needs. All the pieces are there on defence, but Rielly is that puck moving guy you need especially to help mentor Heinola who could be that.</div></div>

I appreciate the sales job, but everyone knows enough about Rielly to know he's terrible defensively. Sorry, I know you're trying to solve your cap problems, but the Jets don't need any of the skills Rielly excels at enough to warrant spending the assets on him. The Jets have a better Rielly already in Pionk. Plus Pionk likes to hit which is a bonus in the central.