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Forum: Armchair-GM15 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 2:04 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tkecanuck341</b></div><div>Dustin Brown will not be traded.

Olli Maatta was brought in to satisfy the expansion draft exposure requirement. I suspect that the Kings will either trade him for a bag of pucks or send him to the AHL once it's over. If Seattle takes Wagner in the expansion draft, Clague will be the 3LD. The Kings have no need for Butcher.

JAD isn't going to be a healthy scratch. After Kopitar, he's the best player in the lineup for the Kings on many nights. Grundstrom-JAD-Moore will be the 3rd line until further notice.

The Kings have several players from Ontario looking to make the jump to the NHL next season. They don't need Cizikas, Sceviour, or Bailey. Kupari, ****emo, and Kaliyev will likely all be in the NHL next season. Byfield will get his 9 NHL games in Oct/Nov, but then he'll be loaned to the WJC. The Kings will make a decision on what to do with him when the tournament ends. Turcotte will take his spot in the lineup when he's on loan.

I don't expect the Kings to be especially active in the free agent market. They might look for that under 25 dynamic LHD via trade if one is available. They could also look to sign a short-term veteran center while the kids get acclimated to the NHL. Aside from that, all the players that will play for the Kings next year are already in the system.</div></div>

Thank you for a detailed and logical description. I appreciate viability of people providing what they see rather than bombarding you with hateful, opinionated propaganda. I had no clue JAD was doing this well and am happy to learn this.

I'm still uncertain about Brown, though. Many kings fans long said Carter was retiring here, and that he would not play on a different team. Here we are today. Brown means more to the kings, but with one year left while still carrying Foglino-esque value, wouldn't he be exactly what many teams are looking for? Perhaps this is a move for next deadline?

I'm also not convinced that LA is satisfied with what they have on LD. I'd be surprised if Maatta gets even so much as a bag of pucks, thus the swap of similar situations. Although, I would agree that he isn't a significant upgrade on what you have, more just a gamble on rebounding.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 1:07 am
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 3:13 am
I presume this is an attempted fix of the last build. This one is better. Still a bit shy on a few things:

- Arizona trade is decent. Beagle should ride LTIR, so his impact is marginal. Pitlick could work here. Might only cost a 4th given what might happen with Jay (as such, retention not needed)

- If Tryamkin comes back, he would get under 1m. JP in Edmonton got 1.175 x 2 despite being a much better player. expect 750-925 k x 1 if Nikita returns.

- I would like to see how Montour performs in Florida before I make any comments on his price, but it *might* work. He's still a bit too offensive minded for my liking at current tho.

- Anton Forsberg will not make any more money than 900k. Despite a decent showing, he hasn't deserved the money of a mid end backup in this league. He's still considered a #3 in most systems.

However, most notably:

- Last build I pointed out that taking Hughes to UFA with a 5 year deal would be a mistake. This time you have done it with Pettersson. It might save some money, but it also implies that they will book it out of here immediately upon expiry since their rights are no longer ours. Essentially: NEVER give a star player coming out of RFA status a 5 year contract. Its a very unpleasant number for the reasons mentioned

Here are what I would mock the contracts at:

-- Hughes: 7x3 (They have the same agent, it seems likely they get the same contract... market value is more around 6x3 if he negotiates separately; pends on Makar)
-- Pettersson: 7.25x3

Long Term:
-- Hughes: ~8.25x6
-- EP: ~9x6

8 Yrs:
Hughes ~9m
EP ~9.5m