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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GuentzelvaniaUSA</b></div><div>Guentzel is the type of player people hope laffy become. And he’s got it done when it matters most. I do not presume the penguins would sell Jake guentzel as a rental that’s a ridiculously bad idea. That gets the least amount of value out of the second most valuable player on the team. Pens will not trade Jake guentzel, but if they did it would be sign and trade.

Trading Jake guentzel and rebuilding could also trigger Crosby wanting to cup chase with other teams. Why for gosh sakes would a company buy the pens for a billion dollars and then fumble away the face of the franchise in less than two years? The price of this risk is simply too great for the rangers to convince the penguins.

If you want Jake guentzel, the cost is extreme. I would not suggest trading for him</div></div>

Ya i wont deny the impact moving guentzel will have on the team, but fans of teams love to assume their guys are eager to resign. What if he isnt? What if he walks? Getting nothing for him sure would be a heck of a lot worse for Crosby and the whole team. I don't really think the ball is in Pittsburgh's court here. Their future isn't phenomenal so we cannot assume he's going to stay or even take a sign and trade.

There's a lot of factors here, and I won't even deny that your route could be feasible, but we cannot laugh at offers and say what will/won't happen when we really don't know. In a rental situation, he's not getting Laf.
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