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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wqrrior</b></div><div>Compher carries cap that COL needs. I don't understand why the avs fans on this website are so crazy high on him. Discord avs fans seem to be overjoyed at the thought of losing him, almost begging to throw him off to seattle. They aren't really uninformed idiots either. Why do you want to cling on to a 3.5M bottom sixer that has struggled for large extents of the season if that 3.5m can be devoted somewhere else? You have more pressing uses for 3.5m than Compher.

I'm greatly unsure of how anyone thinks graves is worth more than a 2nd any more. Heck, I even factored in Sakic's fleecing to go with the high 2nd instead.

I do understand the Virtanen argument - I suggest he carries something but Compher doesn't. Note the term and money difference, also the Bennett treatment. High draft picks from years past do tend to stick on the radar. It's not like Dickinson is a top notch player either. I'm not like the rest of the fanbase who still thinks he has significant levels of value. Wasn't aware of the ownership dispute with DAL though.</div></div>

Compher has had a bad season no but he has produced offense at a higher rate than Virtanen .39 vs .32 ppg, he plays on special teams and he can play all 3 forward positions. Avs fans have always had to have a whipping boy and Compher with his struggles and cap hit is an easy target. Compher’s contract isn’t as bad as fans make it out to be because they have enough cap space to get done what needs to be done and his contract expires when MacK does. Some food for thought on Compher is he is playing shot share and xGD the best of career while playing a definitely more slanted defensive role. Throw in the sexual assault allegations the benching last year for supposed effort reasons and there is no way Virtanen has any trade value. Cutting ties with Compher now (outside of the XD) is just selling low on him.

Graves personally I agree with you. Imo he’s a third pairing guy that has gotten a lot of pump league wide by just playing competently with great partners. He is almost the antithesis of Compher in that the Avs would be selling high on him. I think a 2nd rd pick for a guy that can log 18 minutes not hurt you playing in the top 4 and killing penalties is fair. My question for him is how does he perform when he isn’t playing with a Makar, Girard or Toews type, because I do think he is prone to the bad pinch, and those type of guys can cover for him with their top notch skating.

That’s my assessment trying to be as objective as possible.