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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>LMAO, Ylonen is 22 not 23, he was also under contract in Liiga where he was left for development in hos 19 and 20 yo years. He was sent to Laval halfway through his 21 yo season to help make the transition to NA easier and develop further. This year he has played a key role for the Rocket and was brought up when needed due to injuries. This was his first full season in NA and he has 36 points in 52 games playing for the Rocket. BTW this is the same route a lot of European prospects take and many of them dont make the NHL until 23-25 where they go on to have great careers. Lehkonen was not under contract and was brought up too fast by management at the time. He missed out on some key development that prevented his scoring abilities to be more of a threat at the NHL level.

BTW raantanen took the same route to the NHL as Ylonen has but he was given his shot at 21. By your logic Lehkonen had more value than Raantanen did at the same age cause he had 1 year at 20 points before Raantanen broke into the league, which is utter ridiculousness</div></div>

Ylonen will be 23 when the season starts. Rantanen played 9 games at C with the Avs in 15-16 his d+1 year and was a 20 goal scorer in his 2nd year. But you go ahead and tell me how Rantanen followed the same path because before his age 23 season he had 80 goals.

Do me a favor don’t respond, I had you blocked because you are so condescending and such a homer and can’t handle anybody disagreeing with you.
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