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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JSEB93</b></div><div>I saw, specifically in March, some times where he looked defeated or frustrated after a goal if thats what you're referring to. But the Pens were basically the worst defensive team in the league that month - so personally I'll give him the pass on that. Also there was a stretch where a ton of the goals hit off their own players, or defenders were running into Jarry - I think part of it was just shock.

Not sure what you mean by his antics and not being well received though?

I'm not saying Jarry is some elite goalie by the way. I've always had him in that 10-12 range give or take. Whether he's worth the upgrade to a team based on cap hit and what assets you have to give up - that's the million dollar question. I totally understand if people say they'd rather just give a 2mil goalie a shot and see how it goes. Especially for a good team like COL</div></div>

Oh I was talking about Georgiev not Jarry sorry for the confusion. And this is all applicable to Georgiev not Jarry, Breaking sticks, accidentally hitting teammates with his stick, literally letting in a the odd super soft goal. All that and he has been horrendous his last 5 outings, yeah the pk has been bad too, but he gave up 22 goals in his last 5 outings and just looked awful. He really hasn’t been good all year and the team did him no favors running Prosvetov as the back up for half the season over playing him particularly in November December and the first part of January playing him 30 times in that stretch. His QS% and GSAA stats I like to look at are career lows the GSAA is an atrocious -12.1. Good talk my friend!
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