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Thread: Playoff Team
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bagelbob</b></div><div>every fanbase overvalues their own prospects, so i don’t put too much stock in a fan poll. like i said before, formenton does nothing for me right now in the face of the hockey canada thing, but even without that i’d much prefer a top 10 pick like schneider got or a better prospect than formenton. forsberg had a good year last year but was on waivers the year before, can he be consistent? and a second round pick again is fine but i’d prefer a first. i’d be looking for upgrades to all three pieces and to me that means it’s far from enough.</div></div>

Yeah but it's a community that I have been hanging with since 2008 and I'd say many posters are quite knowledgeable. Some even have scouting experience. We have observed Formenton's evolution for years and he's already pretty valuable. Just the fact that he has McDavid speed make him automatically very valuable.


If he's guilty in the scandal he has no value and he can go to hell from all I care. e just have no idea and can only speculate. If he's not guilty then he has pretty good value. The guy led the league in short handed goals and actually think he will end up top-10 in NHL history if he is not a grade A a-hole

Anyway, if I had Sorokin no way I'd be trading him

For Forsberg we never know with goalies that I don't have a long track record but I don't know, he didn't look like a flash in the pan to me. Note that I called a lot of goalies like that (I have been a goalie for 30+ years) in the past, including Andre Hammond when he was 20-1-2 and 0.941 SV% and Mike Condon when he relieved Craig Anderson.
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Thread: Playoff Team
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