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Thread: Sens
I'm all for getting Buchnevich but Greig is one of my untouchables (with Stutzle, Pinto and Sanderson)

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rooster</b></div><div>The first trade is horrible for Washington. Why on earth would they ever contemplate this deal? Chabot is an oft-injured shadow of his former self on an untradeable contract. And I am a Sens fan. He's staying put because no one wants to pay $8 mil for his 50 games a year.

The St. Louis trade is equally terrible for Ottawa. So we're going to trade a top-9 young prospect who plays like Brad Marchand, along with high draft picks for a facsimile of Drake Batherson? Oh, and we'll need to pay Buchnevich $9 mil a year as a 30-year old once his contract expires. This is exactly the Dorion-esque thinking that has Ottawa in a perpetual losing cycle. No thanks. Keep the picks and prospects.</div></div>
Chabot missed 12 games in 2021-22 and 14 games in 2022-23. 2023-24 is the first season he missed significant time. He's not a "shadow of his former self" in the sense that he paces for a 0.60 PPG pretty much every season and his metrics are still pretty good in general, particularly in terms of transition, zone exits, OZ and DZ play driving

Personally, I am trading Chyhrun and getting Chabot a physical RHD (like when Karlsson got his Methot)

Buchnevich and Batherson are very very different players. Buch is a 2-way forward, Batherson is an offense driver. Problem I have here is the term he has left. Not a very good idea for Ottawa to trade for players without term
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Thread: Playground
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