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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>I4evrblue</b></div><div>Backup goalies shouldn't be overvalued, they aren't worth a ton. Addison might have a future but his production has plateaued, makes me wonder if he'll ever have a future in the NHL. Two uninspiring pieces mean the Leafs get to trade up 2 rounds in the draft while giving them an AHL goalie to replace DeSmith..... you know, the guy that's about to cost management 2.75M over the next 2 seasons while playing in the AHL. Moving him is as much a business move as a hockey move.
Maybe I am asking too much, just want to point out why I see it this way</div></div>

Addison is 19 years old, only two things have plateaued: nothing, and not that either.
The Pens have the "problem" of having 3 goalies that belong in the NHL. $1.25M for that injury insurance is not even a drop in the bucket.

Muzzin isn't trash, at all, but he is 30, a UFA, lefty, and getting less time than Ceci (other side, I know). He would be nice to have, but not nice enough to overpay for.
Even with DeSmith going out in your trade, the Pens have enough goalies in the system and have ZERO need/use for broken 29yo Hutchinson.

My counter (which only came up as a counter, not something that I considered uniquely)
DeSmith - Toronto need, purpose of the whole trade
Riikola - D out to offset D coming in
Bjugstad - Cap purposes
Muzzin - Short term Pens need due to injuries
Gauthier - F out to offset F in
3rd - Honestly, just because you had it there
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