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Thread: Vegas Trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tolyak86</b></div><div>hahaha... funny how you think Marchessault has the value to get a return of Guentzel. Guentzel who is 24 coming off 40goals with 76pts total last year when Marchessault 28 tops out at 30- 3yrs ago. The only thing making their value even close is that fact that Marchessault makes 5m instead of 6, but then again, Guentzel doesn't have a no trade clause in his contract making it harder to trade. Vegas would have to add something to get Guentzel. Anyways, the trade in this chair is not fair in value and I don't see Vegas taking Guentzel in your highly critical opinion due to making their cap issue worse. I also don't see Ottawa wanting any parts of an overpaid d-man that will not be bought out, but the LA trade is more than fair/close in value. Well have fun tolling other pens fans for doing what almost every other teams fans are doing by over valuing their teams players. One love mate!</div></div>

Guentzel scores 40 goals playing on Crosby’s wing. Haha funny you don’t understand how that factors into value. But their values are very similar. The Crosby effect tends to make folks glorify their players. Ask buffalo how shearys doing without Sid haha. 🙄 Guentzel should have a big year now that he’ll get some pp time but without Crosby Guentzel is just another 40 point guy with 25 goals. Nothing elite or special about him. Just like Chris Kunitz. Luckily for the penguins Crosby isn’t going anywhere and neither is Guentzel so we’ll never really find out how well he plays away from mom

Having an elite center makes you better. Having a generational talent makes you look elite. Crosby is 31 and scored 100 points. Thats pretty unheard of in today’s nhl. Guys like Sid and Ovi are top 5-8 nhl players of all time. Hah just so you understand the Crosby effect better