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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BlastnyFromThePastny</b></div><div>If you choose to go more down the moving on side of things, keep in mind you're a confident, insightful person. You show here that you listen to others well which is a massively underrated skill. Stuff like this can shake that up in people so I want to remind you you're a catch. Bill Burr advice helped me get through a couple breakups, figuring out what that Csick single life looks like is process but a worth it one for sure.

If you choose to give space but ultimately are trying get back together at some point, it's suuuuch a tricky line to walk because they don't know how things are going to turn out so neither do you and you are at the mercy of that which can take a toll on you in a time that's alright pretty brutal. But you're allowed to keep going down that rabbit hole with her hoping for the best. That's totally fun especially if you care a lot for them.

This story reminds me of my best friend and how he's feeling about being in a relationship while struggling with depression for the last 10 years (and being a Sabres fan has not been helping). He broke up with a gf of over year who is hands down the COOLEST girlfriend he's ever had, amazing in bed, always there for him, super down to earth and funny. His problem is his depression and anxiety disorders get in the way of him enjoying and nurturing his relationships because eventually there comes a point that he has to pull back and just worry about himself for a long time on end. Then it gets better for a bit, then he pulls back for a bit and that's the cycle he's currently stuck in. He's told her it would be best if she moved on but they still have relations here and there on and off. While they enjoy each others company, it's clear she wants more and he cannot give it.

If it comes to that with you and her Csick, I think it's time to move on because that's what it will always be and that's not gonna have a good effect on you long term. I hope things can get better because having someone like you is HUGE for her at this point with her mental illness and whether she believes it or sees it probably changes more than the Pittsburgh Penguins roster. Stay strong, stay true to you at the end of the day. Take as long as you need and as much as you need to figure this out. Be honest with yourself regarding how you feel. Hopefully things work out in the end. Things can turn around when you least expect it and in a way you don't expect. I'd watch Ovechkin, Backs, Kuzy and Carlson draft videos. Not only is it fun distraction knowing how things played out with a cup victory but it could help you flex that "new hope is ahead" neural pathway in your brain which I'd want to feel as much as I could in that scenario. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reaching out, I think it's good you did. I'd take this over a good 40% of the suggested ACGMs here.

and in true CF ACGM fashion... Arizona is not giving up even a 7th for Hudon because of how bad they've screwed up losing picks or wasting picks on racists.</div></div>

Thanks for writing all that up. We just both thought we were each other’s soulmates and she was talking about moving in together. I wanna support her until she’s out of it.
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