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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>Aside from the Greiss trade, these are all BRUTAL. Just so so awful.</div></div>

you are a joke. you are the reason why people dont like blues fans. these returns arent mindblowing dont be a bonehead and say these are "absolutely awful" or "brutal". a '23 first from a team that has been playing well but has not proven themselves to be an elite contender for a

31 year old
expiring player is perfectly fine. it is perfectly acceptable. NOT TO MENTION he is out right now. NOT TO MENTION (this one is the most important one) HE DOESNT WANT TO BE WITH THE F*CKING TEAM, his value is halved because of such with gm's knowing that he isnt resigning

move on to oreilly, who is another

31 year old
expiring guy who has had two weak seasons as of late

gms arent risk takers and trading any more than a second + prospect to get him. not to mention the return is nice
a second in '23 (the oilers might not even make the playoffs, so there is a pick in the early 40's)
a former first round pick (drafted last year, a clear B+ to A level prospect)
and a small cap dump to make the cap work. foegle does not cost more than a 4th to dump

last is barbashev, who had one good season and is pretty mid. again gms arent idiots so they dont trade more than a 2nd for him. this is a perfectly fine return

how are you complaining about the acciari or mikkola ones, they are mid expiring players, they cant get more than a 5th, 4th at most
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