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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Ginger_Leaf</b></div><div>Philly probably says no
Leafs will laugh at the Matthews trade

I’m all for on that nylander trade. He’s got to go. Knies will easily replace nylander. New core 4

Trade Matt Murray of course or keep him whatever
Sammy is gonna get more money and woll is ur starter, he’s more than ready.
Don’t resign ZAR
Buying out Murray is dumb
Bring up steeves and holmberg. Or whoever is nhl ready from the marlies.


I’d trade Lily tbh he hasn’t done much unless he proves himself in training camp and preseason then fine.

Lily* if he’s good</div></div>

I think the trade (Matthews) is pretty comparable to the Tkachuk trade.

You have a (normalized 82 game average over last 3 years) 105 point player in Auston Matthews. Matthew Tkachuk is a 93 point player. Therefore, the value of Matthews (based only on this metric) is 13% more than Tkachuk. Matthews is better defensively, Tkachuk brings physicality and agitation. To me, these cancel.

So, I would expect the return for Matthews to be 13% higher than the return for Tkachuk. If I were to rank the value of players in this deal vs the Tkachuk deal , it goes

Huberdeau &gt; Slavin &gt; Teravainen &gt; Weegar. Overall, Huberdeau + Weegar &gt; Slavin + Teravainen. The difference is made up by a second first round pick. I don't think it's a "Laughable" deal
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