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As you go down the list the deals get more reasonable. I have to air on the side of most of these would never happen, here's why:

1. Gudbranson, a bottom pairing Dman is not going to fetch a top prospect AND a 3rd round pick, at this point the Canucks will be happy if they just get a 3rd rounder for him.
2. Hutton is entering his prime but not worth a budding prospect and 1st rounder in Juulsen and a 5th rounder, as much as I like Hutton, that's serious over payment by the Habs. He'll probably return a 2nd tops.
3. If salary wasn't a thing this might work. Pens are looking for a 3rd line center which Gagner could fill, but they are only $750k away from the cap and Gagner is $3.45M.
4. Could work, but I don't get this trade for VGK, they don't gain anything by taking on Dorsett's contract.
5. Del Zotto is simply not worth 2 2nd round picks.
5. Edler has a full NMC so that's a non-starter, but even if he did there's no way Dallas is trading their #3 overall pick for a guy who would play 2nd pairing minutes on their team.
6. I actually like this trade for both teams. The Jets have the cap space too to make it work.
7. I like this trade for the Canucks, but I don't know if the Coyotes would like to have a 1A-1B with Raanta and Markstrom
8. Could work, but I don't think NYI sees Nilsson as an upgrade over what they have now.
9. The Canucks would have to sweeten the deal a lot of get Dell from SJ. If Jones got injured and they only had Bachman as their backup they'd be completely screwed haha.