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Thread: Risto
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MikeyVC97</b></div><div>As many as possible... plus I think there is a risk that Gus might either command more than a Risto type contract after this year or he might not be able to repeat his performance from a year ago. Risto is a solid RD. Also in the event that compliance buyouts are looming saying adios to Seabs would make this trade even more worth it. Also, let's not forget that the expansion draft is right around the corner as well. You can never have too many talented D or Centers on a team.</div></div>

I 100% agree about Gus. I also in theory tend to agree that NHL RHD are worth gold, but this is an extreme example.
A.) Compliance buyouts aren't a guarantee.
B.) Expansion is a risk if we trade for Risto vs opportunity. Saad is a UFA where Risto would be taken and lost. I believe Saad being a UFA would deter the Kraken (yes that's the name I want) from taking him. They'd only have so many days to try to sign him before he just explores free agency. Being an expansion team/draft doesn't take away any of your rights as a player. The players union wouldn't allow it. So, If you're going to trade Saad...maybe not for someone that will be taken for nothing?
C.) This is a situation where you have too many Dmen that are NHL ready. It's not likely, but possible that it might even deter Ian Mitchell from signing. We don't need Boqvist in Rockford for multiple years. We'd actually like him to take over the PP when he comes up. No?
D.) The Hawks want solid forward depth and veteran forward depth to help their young forwards. You have Dach making this team. Kubliak to his left isn't' an ideal piece. Dach needs players like Shaw (which you have) and Saad to help him become an NHL professional.

I'm ok with a Risto trade in general, but it would have to be a BLOCKBUSTER which includes Gus (PP Dman in return) and Saad (part of the trade here and often rumored being traded) and an NHL ready A/A- prospect like Aleksi Saarela for Risto and Cozens coming back....which would never happen, but I just see a Saad Risto transaction hurting more than helping the future of this team. Just me though.
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Thread: Risto Trades
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Well, to start, I'd like him to dominate his own age bracket in the WHL first, i.e. Byram, Turcotte, Zegras, so on. Second, I'd like for HIM to take control of a game and gain praise for his own play, not be on a line in the showcase where he just so happened to have great chemistry (this is unfair as he has no control over who he plays with). Third, I'd like it if he actually played his own position. It is true he has no control over this. I also believe he probably will be a winger, cuz this guy cannot win faceoffs. But I want him as a center because Stan picked him that way, cuz apparently we lack centers, not defensemen (291 goals against worth), but centers. I don't dislike this kid as the player or person. I just don't like him because of who he isn't. If he plays wing, its even worse cuz its a wasted pick. I hope he's good enough to replace toews one day, but that would require him learning to be an actual center. I guess this in a nutshell is how he could prove himself. He cleared two hurdles that he was clearly meant to in both the prospect camp and the showcase. At camp, he played against players who were not on the same level, save for the top prospects in the organization. At the showcase, he played on a line he couldn't not look good on. I guess, I just wanna see what sets him apart. I got that with boqvist, toews, kane, and debrincat. They each served a need and had something that set them apart. I guess that's what he needs to show.

You know what, thank you, I do owe an apology. I am sorry I preach my pride in hockey, cuz honestly it sounds egotistical, stuck up, and I sound like a know-it-all. So genuinely I am sorry. To your point on Boqvist and Mr. 3 OA, they were clearly the best at camp, as they should have been. It would have been a colossal disaster if they didn't. Okay maybe not colossal, considering people still are big on Nylander, but it wouldn't send the right message. Having said, Boqvist will and probably should get a good chance in the team. He took one more year of developing and absolutely dominated in the O. But the 3 OA, he could make the team, but not in his intended position. Would it be awful if he did go back to juniors? In all honesty, Id prefer if he went back and actually took over that league, show some consistency and drive. Those were my two hugest concerns outside of him not knowing how to use his frame. Let him mature some more.</div></div>

I hope he never plays wing. He's a true center. Thats also a hard stance on his showcase pairs. Really wasnt his choice, but Dach was a a driving factor for all 3 points in that 1st game in the showcase. He dealt to Veleno and recieved as well. Also, his style of play is perfect for a Saad shaw dach line. I do agree with you that dominating at every level is a good thing. Great thing actually. It's not like the Blades had a good team in general though. Let's see what happens in traverse city. Many more hurdles to clear.
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