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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Absolutely, I’ll even admit he had a good game. He showed that he’s capable of using that big frame and the puck control was clean and confident. I definitely liked his end to end rush for the assist (albeit, kinda sucked the goal was a fluke). But yes, very good game. As you said, not perfect, but who is at 18. I’ll be honest though, I just really really wished his offensive game at 18 was more polished if he was allowed to stay with the team. That’s the big thing I’m very critical on him about. Two things I really see him improve on more are his shot and decision making. We both see eye to eye on the reacting vs thinking area. Lastly, maybe this is just me, but one area I’m still waiting to see his passing game get to another level. He passes well, but I really wanna see him on 2 v 1s actually convert more with teammates. I may never fully like this kid because I just don’t like guys of his archetype (I’m barely 5’9’ and have been playing 25 years, go figure). I like speed and dynamic play, like bure and mackinnon. However, he is a hawk, and I have to accept it will most likely be that way for years to come.

As a side note, is anyone else kind of nervous about kubalik with bowman in charge? Honestly, considering panarin and kahun, I’m a little nervous another great find is gonna be given away. You can see the potential in this team, I just don’t trust bowman to be the man manage the cap and keep the team together.</div></div>

I think Mac is more than speed. He's got a lot of power and a heck of a shot. It's why he was a #1OA pick. I am indeed a little worried about Bowman/Kubalik. In 2 ways. A.) Bowman will either give him a $4M contract...way too much...or...B.) Trade him for less than his value. I give Bowman a TON of credit for that steal of a trade. Kubalik for a 5th rounder... WOW great trade. But he can't fall back into the old ways where Bickell, Panik, Manning, Kruger, Seabs got contracts either work more than they provide...or are payback contracts *cough cough* Seabs. Give him a 1 year prove it contract...or just let him go to arbitration.

As a side note. I also give a ton of credit to Bowman for continuously churning these guys out! Am I right?!?! Panarin, Kempny, Rutta, Kahun, Kubalik...all for free! That's a very underrated sign of a good GM.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>Oh boy.......

Alright, three things on Hughes and kakko. 1) Dach isn’t even in the same conversation as Hughes and kakko, he’s just not. The fact that all THREE haven’t produced as expected because they play for subpar non playoff teams. Hughes especially! Kakko is literally playing on North American ice for the first time. In the NHL! 2) Those two are the devils and rangers problem, and bringing them up for comparison is only doable if we had a chance at them. 3) Hughes with McDavid? Kakko with Laine? In what realm was this a thing?! Dach to kotkaniemi is a far better comparison.

Also, 10 5v5 points? From when, 10 weeks ago? I get what you’re trying to argue. The problem is your arguing about two guys who aren’t my problem. My problem is Dach and everyone that came after him. How Hughes and kakko do is on their teams. Moreover, your argument serves as a justification for keeping him in the NHL by comparing Dach to Hughes and kakko. Problem is, he wasn’t. In all likelihood, none of the top three were. Think about all the players who will be better served for actually developing in juniors and college from this draft. This draft may turn into the 2017 draft where hirscher and Patrick went 1-2 and heiskanen-makar-pettersson went 3-4-5. Who knows, maybe each of the top 3 this past will be worse then the ones that followed.</div></div>

The problem with your logic (in my opinion) is that you're trying to place Dach as a bust half a season into the year when he's the 3rd youngest player in the NHL. My point is that all these prospect take time. Even the #1 OA and #2 OA. Hughes ain't doing Jack right now. (See what I did there :) ) You bring up guys like Byram and Turcotte and how much better they'd be. News flash. If we re-did the draft today. Byram wouldn't be a top 10 pick. (AGAIN, he was my guy at the draft. I can just admit I was wrong) Turcotte had a terrible WJC too. Look, I'd LOVE to have Turcotte on the Hawks. I've had LOTS of friends skate for the Glenview Stars...where his uncle Sylvain coaches and they've played for him. This is NOT a personal thing. He's going to be a tremendous player. But this is supposed to be an objecetive view point. The objective view point is that the Wisconsin Badgers had more 1st round picks play in the WJC than any NHL team. If the Badgers don't win the college championship...their season is 100% a failure. You can't have 4 1st rounders playing college hockey and lose to other kids your own age. They're currently 7th in the big ten standings...out of 7 teams...so last place, BUT yes their talent has been gone for a while. I totally get that and want to recognize that too.

You can't ignore the other players in the draft. Is every single player in the draft officially a bust right now? Heck no. These are kids than need to develop. I'm happy to see Dach getting unsheltered minutes and taking hits from Borowecki/Tkachuk and get right back up. I happy to see him learning that this is a business and not a kids game. Hughes getting 70% 5V5 Ozone starts AND #1 PP time. 17 points ain't cutting it...but he's not a bust. He just needs more time to develop. All these kids do.
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Thread: What wait
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac555</b></div><div>So why do both Mrazek and Reimer both have positive numbers in goals allowed vs expectation?

My position is when digging into it further, the advanced analytics tell a story that the Canes team defense has NOT played up to par with expectations this season so far. Mrazek and Reimer both have won games while standing on their heads. They have both been inconsistent, but overall they have supported the team and in some cases been the reason they won.

*edited - my ‘eye test’ tells me the same thing*

When you tear into the defensive stats from an individual basis, two defenseman have been stellar (Slavin, Hamilton), while Pesce has only been average. However, Pesce has been paired with two underperforming defensive partners in Edmundson and Gardiner - both of which have drastically underperformed in relation to their defensive metrics. The only positive for Gardiner has been his underlying offensive numbers have been great (and he’s been ‘unlucky’).

I suspect the Canes (and the rumors out there support this) t believe they need to support the Goalies with another stabilizing top 4 defensive partner for Pesce. Rumors out there regarding Alec Martinez and Jones Brodin support this.</div></div>

I think we both try to use analytics in combination with the eye test. It's not like I've seen Mrazek completely fall apart for a 7 goal game. BUT when you say the defense hasn't played up to par. I see CAR being #1 in the NHL in shots allowed. I see CAR as #6 best defense in the NHL in allowing high danger opportunities. It's difficult to say (IMO) that's not "up to par." That's the sign of an amazing defense.

I hear the rumors too. I've also heard Bowman isn't looking to trade anyone and that he's actually looking to acquire. WHY??? I have no clue, but that's what I hear. I'm not suggesting your wrong on the rumors and we're 100% allowed to have different opinions. I personally don't think adding a Dman is going to help CAR. It's not really like they can get any better in shots allowed and that wouldn't solve their real problem.
Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 3:48 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac555</b></div><div>Here is my issue with this...this stat actually tells me there are a handful of really good teams at HDCO% (STL, WPG, BOS, NYI, and DAL) then there are a handful of really bad teams (MTL, SJS, MIN, and DET). The middle is all relatively the same, teams 6-27 are all within one deviation from the mean, basically saying there is not a significant difference between those 23 teams. You didn’t mention that LAKs are #8 in this stat, better than WAS.

I just don’t get the point that the Goalies have to be the issue when looking at this stat. How do you go from this stat to saying to has to be the goalies and not the defense?</div></div>

That's a very fair question. To me it's...these teams have "back end issues" and we need to dig further into why each team is where they're at.

TOR is a good team and Freddie Anderson is a good goalie. They have a TERRIBLE defense. Too many offensive Dmen...Too many injuries...not a good backup goalie...etc...
SJS has Martin Jones. He's the worst starting goalie in the NHL.
NSH has a very good Defense. We saw that CAR was the 6th best in High Danger Shots allowed. NSH is right with them at 9th best. Pekka Rinne STINKS this year. So we know for NSH specifically it's because of the goalie position that NSH is 5th worst in HDCO%.
PIT is a good team. #2 in the Metro. why are they next to CAR in this category? I can tell you it's NOT Jarry and his 2.12 GAA and .930 SV%. It's their defense.

Kinda to summarize, we need to look at the backend...THEN determine what's the reason. CAR's defense is one of if not the single best D in the NHL. That leaves the goalie position.

***EDIT*** Let's look at this another way! Why is CAR and CHI soo close together? 9.1% vs 8.7%. They're different reasons. CHI has GREAT goalies, but a TERRIBLE very injured defense. They let up the 2nd most shot against and let up the MOST high danger chances over ANY NHL team. So why is their HDCO% better than CAR's? Lehner and Crow are saving their behinds.
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