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<a href="/users/Hawksince71" target="_blank">@Hawksince71</a> I'm not saying Dadonov makes these guys cup contenders, but it's helps solve 1 problem...because the team has many.

With regards to finding those bargain pieces....that's actually one of the better things Stan does. You're calling Nichushkin can good bargain pick up, but he's got 5 points in 22 games. Let's rank that compared to the bargain shopping Stan's done...finding UFAs and signing them... Kubalik, Kahun, Kampf, Rutta, Kempny, Panarin. I mean It's even arguable whether Rutta was a better pick up over Nichushkin. Yeah...he had 1 really good breakaway that happened to be against the Hawks, but it's not like he's a driving force for that team.

Bura was a great trade for Sakic! Bura wasn't being utilized to his potential in Washington and Sakic saw it. Same with Kadri. I don't have any issue with giving another GM some credit, but we also need to give Stan his due for getting DeHaan (for figuratively NOTHING) and signed Lehner for $5M without losing any assets at all.

There are all kinds of terms...rebuild...retool...re-whatever... PIT went 7 years between cups. Why can't that happen again for another team? $10.5M for what Toews provides is too much. I get it. $7M for what Seabs provides is too much. Teams can handle 1 overweight contract, but two is tough. There are creative ways to shed a guy like Seabs if we can get picks as well. Don't forget that it was REALLY close we traded him at the draft last year to VAN for a swap of 1sts. Just a swap. Not even the #3 outright. Go back to VAN and see what it'll take now? That's where picks can help.

I do agree that the Hawks need speed. The need a True #1dman too...I'd even argue more so.
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