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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>westleysnipez</b></div><div>Kuzmenko is a Top-6 forward, but he can't play centre. The Canucks have a gluttony of talented wingers (8 forwards on pace for 20+ goals) and need a reliable 2C so Petey can play on the Lotto line. Kuzmenko is the one teams have been calling about (Chicago and Nashville the most) more than any other player. The idea behind moving Kuzmenko is to earn futures for that reliable 2C because Allvin and Rutherford have explicitly said they don't want to trade away the top prospects. Many fans think a 1st + Kuzmenko is the answer, but teams like Calgary, Pittsburgh, or Anaheim don't want Kuzmenko because he doesn't fit their ask (futures). Moving Kuzmenko to a team looking for scoring assistance (like Chicago or Nashville) that earns the futures we can flip to those teams. Either VAN moves Kuzmenko to a team like CHI for futures and then flips those futures for a 2C (Lindholm, Vatrano, Henrique) or for a lethal first line winger to replace Petey on the 1st line (Guentzel).</div></div>

You're the only one saying Kuz is worth a 1st+. Most VAN fans don't even say that. Most have been wanting a 2nd...which won't happen. Some reasonable posts say a middle 3rd and D prospect. Some even say a 4th. No one is suggesting a 1st+ is reasonable.
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Thread: Jiricek
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>westleysnipez</b></div><div>I've not said that Friedman is gospel, I said he's one of the most trusted insiders. You put the have in caps and bold. That's not how he phrased it. I didn't pick and choose the quotes or emphasis certain parts, I included all pieces where he talked about Kuzmenko and Chicago.

Yes, I wrote that, based on interviews with Allvin and Rutherford about Kuzmenko.

Obviously, Kuzmenko is not worth Bedard, Asking for a late 1st + late 2nd for a 30+ goal scorer on a down year whose signed for 1.5 seasons isn't a ridiculous ask. Lindholm is having a down year and is still commanding a 1st + top prospect.

What do you mean "if we're believing Friedman... Kuz is not a top 6 forward." He specifically mentions "Kuzmenko is a [30 goal scorer], he can score, we know he can score." Friedman wouldn't have said that if Kuzmenko wasn't a Top-6 forward.</div></div>

Really? Kuz is literally 6th on the team in ATOI and Per Friedman "No question they're looking for a top 6 forward". So VAN believes Kuz shouldn't be 6th or higher in ATOI. That's just 1 quote and math. Sure he goes on to say a position/player than can move around the lineup. No doubt about it, but that doesn't mean VAN isn't trying to move his contract to actually get a top 6 forward.

For the record. I wouldn't mind acquiring Kuz at all! Just has to be for the right price. Hawks aren't in a position to be sending picks away. Like zero 1st and zero 2nds. AWFUL move for the Hawks if EITHER a 1st or 2nd gets moved. But something reasonable...ok. Another post just had the OTT 3rd and Teply. I can yield to that. fine. middle 3rd and an ECHLer.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 31 at 1:28 p.m.
Thread: Jiricek
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>westleysnipez</b></div><div>Thanks for repeating what I had quoted. Of course, Friedman is not referencing Chicago when he's talking about Calgary. He talks about Kuzmenko and Chicago afterward.

Now whose making things up? You're putting far too much emphasis on the have. There have already been conversations around retention that Vancouver can still make the money work.

I'm getting my information from Friedman and other insiders. The Canucks have repeatedly said they're not wanting to move Kuzmenko unless it makes sense. The only way that happens is if it gives the Canucks assets to help acquire an upgrade.</div></div>

That's not ME putting the emphasis on the Have. That's a quote from Friedman. You are the one saying Friedman is the gospel. You are the one putting in all the quotes. So fine, I'm all for playing by YOUR rules, BUT if we're quoting Friedman...then we going to quote all of it. Not just picking/choosing the parts that best suit you.

"The Canucks have repeatedly said they're not wanting to move Kuzmenko unless it makes sense. " Now this quote is from you...and you're the one making assumptions on what makes sense. How about you just trade Kuz for Bedard. Does that make sense to you? Of course VAN is going to want to maximize value, but if were believing Friedman...Kuz is not a top 6 forward. So why in the world are the Hawks sending a 1st and a 2nd for a $5M bottom 6 forward. I'm good with a 4th or late 3rd. You solve your cap problems elsewhere.