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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TradeMeNow</b></div><div>Still a 30 goal season and he was on pace for over 30 during his time under Torch. The kid can fly, and given the right situation, he can score a whole lot. And don't discount his defensive ability too. I know it was 2014, but the way he shadowed N8 Mac in the playoffs and shut him down was legendary. I think 5 is reasonable for a 2-way guy that can put up 20-30 easy if he stays healthy and is allowed to play his game.</div></div>

Look into the numbers a bit. His shooting percentage for his career outside of his 1st season in Vegas is 11.2%. That season he shot at 16.6%. He was incredibly lucky to an unsustainable degree. The 15.3% he was shooting this year was propped up by a fast start with 7 goals in 9 games shooting 28%. Over the last 39 games of the season, he was shooting at 7.5% and would have finished around 9.7% on the season had he reached a full 82 games.

Over his career, he's averaged 137 shots per 82 games. Using his career average shooting percentage, he'd score 17 goals. Using his average excluding the 1st year in Vegas, he'd score 15. He'd have to shoot at 20% to score 27 goals. In other words, it's not happening unless he gets insanely lucky, starts doubling his shot production, or scores a ton of empty netters. Keep in mind, that's over 82 games which is a total he's never reached (maxed out at 76 twice). There's no way he's worth that contract over 5 years especially when you factor in how the knee injuries will slow him down.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>FloppyBiscuit</b></div><div>I agree, I'm a Wild fan. I was more prying to see what FLA fans think of this trade first. I got a Wild ACGM team I'm waiting on posting where I have this trade, except with Pittsburgh's 2020 1st going to Florida and Florida's 2020 1st coming back to Minnesota. Think taking on Stralman's cap hit is worth moving up from 25th to 15th? It's a deep draft and having #11 and #15 could net us two valuable players in my opinion.

And I just included Wallmark for Donato swap because Wallmark is better at center, while we're overstocked on wingers.</div></div>

I think it would be completely asinine to have $19.075 million (23.4% of the cap) tied up in just your RD. If you kept the retained money on Pateryn in there, it's $20.2 million or 25.1% of the cap. Add in Suter and Brodin and you would have $31.91 million (39.6% of the cap) going to 5 defensemen. That is absurd especially when you consider the contracts we have expiring in the next 2 years. I don't see how we can pay Fiala or Kaprizov with that lack of space let alone re-sign Brodin or Foligno. It's a move so short sighted that it only benefits us for the next couple months than immediately kicks us in the face. Unless league revenue miraculously shoots up (fans in the stands at 100% capacity, massive TV rights deal, and just increased HRR overall) and the cap starts increasing within the next year, adding Stralman to move up ~10 spots in the draft to a mid-round pick, which is a gamble of a pick on its own, is going to cost us very good players.