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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GeneralLandro</b></div><div>What do you think Lindgren gets? 8 x $4,500,000 is my current thought

Schneider I think gets the Byram deal</div></div>

I've chatted with several others about Ryan. The 8 years part is a given. On the dollars, your number is at the low-end of the range, $5.25M seems to be the high end. Anything at or between those numbers is in the ballpark. I personally think it will be closer to $5.25 because of the contract length.

I like Braden a lot!! But he won't get $3.8M yet. I'm quite a bit lower at $2.25M. Braden will get a 3-year bridge, and then one more bridge. $3.8M is not out of the question the next time around. In addition to Braden, the NYRs have to re-up Kakko and Lindgren as well. There may be a bit more in the kitty after the Kappo and Ryan contracts are settled. If so, I am more than willing to up my offer.

In my opinion, Braden could step in right now at RW2 and he would provide far better value at far better at far better cost. Trouba is a potential trade/buyout candidate next year. Trouba is moved, might be possible.

Finally, whatever the Rangers do next year, Igor's renewal comes up in 25-26. I've already looked into this a bit, In order to give $9.5M (which appears to be the maximum the NYRs can afford and equal to Andrei Vasilevskiy's current deal, they will have trade Artemi or place him on the taxi squad, The Panarin contract is so bad that of you get a $300K CAP hit reduction down to $11.3+M. For purposes of this response, I'll estimate a place on the taxi squad will get you a $1.3M CAP hit reduction down to a $10.6+ Cap hit until Artemi is moved.

Looking forward to hearing from you regarding my response. Best Regards.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Blue_Seat_Fan</b></div><div>I don't think we will see Fox and Lindy NOR Mika &amp; Kreider split up.

Drury wants to increase team speed. Meaning they need to play faster. So to me, it doesn't make sense to break up the players who have most chemistry. Put Kakko on RW1 and PP1 and lets roll.

Miller and Trouba stay together bc Laviolette likes puck moving defenseman on each pair. If anything, Miller and Schneider should be the second pair.</div></div>

I wasn't suggesting the Rangers would do this. That said, we have been going with the current pairings and appear to be regressing. The Devils demonstrated that in the playoffs. What I offered up here was an opening season lineup that you go with for 10 games and evaluate.

We might be pleasantly surprised. To suggest that say Kreider and Zibanejad or Fox and Lindgren cannot succeed without each other is a myth. If that were true, then the logic follows that you would have to trade them together as well. After all, coaches mix things up in the middle of games, especially when things are not going well.

Your puck mover comment is not without merit. Miller at PP2 D-man would resolve that issue, and that actually might be the better choice. Against heavier teams, Trouba may be the better option, unless Miller gets feistier.

I have Kappo on the first PP at RW!

Finally, I don't see how team speed has been increased with this group no matter how you set them up. Most of them were on last year's roster and they will all be a year older.
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