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Forum: Fauteuil - DGFeb 8 at 6:05
Thread: HABS TDL
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Habs4ever</b></div><div>this one is going to be so tough for several reasons. We really do not know the true ceilings of KK, Poehling and Evans. Everyone is in agreement that Suzuki is the #1 C. Do you move KK to #2, Evans up to #3 and Poehling on 4 for next season?

do you pull off the Faksa trade mentioned here or something similar? If you sign Danault to higher than $5, you can kiss goodbye Tuna. So do you trade Danault and put Evans with Tuna and Gally? Evans costs a lot less and he is really impressing me with his play. His faceoff's are less than 3% lower than Danault's!

On the other hand how deep do you go in the playoff's with fairly green thumbs down the middle, if Danault is gone? So it's going to be a very interesting situation to follow. I have been doing tons of research on Evans all the way back to his days playing in the OJHL and finding out about his character. It is impressive. I don't see this guy on the 4th line next year. I see him in the 3 hole.</div></div>

Habs play from back to top so the defensive lead the game ... since we can't win faceoff i'd rather have a big body like Faksa than Danault even with the contract situation been maped. Habs need to move on and to avoid cap crunch situation in near future. Faksa is a better Eller, and we need that if we are to unload Armia or Lehkonen, because he has some great puck control and possession. Dallas reunit Radulov with Danault and see what happen.

I love Danault bu he should had sign prior to the season instead of this drama. Il est cuit le coco!
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