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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>Guhle's are hard sell for me.
I just dont see Hughes trading him as he's the Anchor on the back end for MTL after Savards gone.
IF we did i just dont see it being for an unproven player even if he's really ,really good
Hughes has been clear about his willingness to give up a Guhle for a slightly more mature version who's slightly older
But he wont be trading backwards as he has a timeline for his build he's been pretty focused on sticking to.

IMO given were in a similar situation to LAK as a lot of players are about to come off their Waiver Exempt status with Harris off already
Even with LAK moving Durzi,Granz and Walker at what i felt was below market value , they still lost Bjornfot on waivers for nothing after taking loses trying to avoid that.
MTL cant survive unless they dump Struble and Harris who have or will have less flexibility in a deep system.

They have Chemistry together and have played as a top 4 pair in the NCAA and NHL now
But they offer Very different styles to their games despite essentially both being Shutdown D who can make plays
So losing them 100% sucks for MTL , im not trying to down play that at all here
But moving them protects those who still have flexibility in their contracts and who offer as good or better upside.

Makes more sense to move them so you can play Savard and Kovy full time until the TDL no more of this everyone sits out a game rotation nonsense
Trade them on a high and by proxy help make not only the NHL's roster better with more room for growth it will also end the Log Jam Laval is facing this summer

So if im MTL i'd be trying to use Struble or Harris or both to make a deal for McBain or Hayton, Preferably McBain who Hughes was runner up to sign.</div></div>

I made the trade because Guhle is often injured and it scares me for our future I think. So that's why I'm going there with a forward like Guenter to find a playing partner in Dach.