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Jun. 13, 2019
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Forum: GM Game 2019-20Dec. 8, 2023 at 12:48 p.m.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Dec. 4, 2023 at 2:30 p.m.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Dec. 19, 2022 at 2:28 p.m.
Jan: Dahlen IRL DEAL not signed here so doesnt matter
Feb: Knyzhov 1m x 1
Mar: Gregory 1m x 2
Apr: Appleton 2m x 4

UFA: Tomas Hertl (IRL DEAL) 8.1375m x 8 years
Jack Campbell: 4.5m x 5 years


RFA EDIT 6/2/22 1:38 EST

Brandon Biro 1 year 750k <strong>traded for pilut</strong>
Zachary Gallant 1 Year 800k
Jacob McGrew 1 Year 800k
Kevin Stenlund 1 Year 800k
Lucas Elvenes 2 years 800K
Joachim Blichfield 1 Year 750k <strong>off to sweden</strong>
Alexei Melnichuk 1 year 900k
Zach Sawchenko 1 Year 750k
Brinson Pasichnuk 2 years 850k

Liam Foudy: 2 years 762,500 (irl)

UDFA Draft: Bobby Trivigno

2022 Draft: Marco Kasper, Cole Knuble, Tyler Muszelik

Nutty only has a cap hit of 750k for 1 year, you owe 1m retain on justin holl this year, you can add back $8,034 to your cap based on balcers deal, missing filip hallander from the burns trade, missing 2023 tbl 7th as part of gavin hayes trade (not that that really matters).

Reserve list
G Magnus Chrona (August 15, 2023)
RW Emil Galimov (Indefinite)
G Benjamin Gaudreau (June 1, 2023)
LW Liam Gilmartin (June 1, 2023)
LD Artem Guryev (June 1, 2023)
C Theo Jacobsson (June 1, 2025)
C, LD Evgenii Kashnikov (June 1, 2023)
C Max McCue (June 1, 2023)
G Mike Robinson (August 15, 2022) - not signed but idk if these dates matter anymore youde have to take that up with bog.
C Yegor Spiridonov (Indefinite)
RW Timofei Spitserov (August 15, 2026)
LD Tony Sund (August 4, 2022 [27th Birthday]) - not signed.
C Alex Young (August 15, 2024)

38 days incomplete...
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Dec. 1, 2022 at 3:02 p.m.
Thread: General Chat
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>eklund29</b></div><div>i did fix the page, only think that hasn’t been added was reserves list in which i have to dig through spreadsheets because you had a hissy fit. i’m belittling you because you clearly don’t see that no one like you anymore. we are tired of dealing with your annoying dictator vibes dude. just leave the game if you don’t want to be apart of it. if you want to be apart of it just shut your mouth please. how hard is that for you to understand dude? every BOG meme er has told you that, half of the current gms have said that. how many more is it gonna take? the more you act up and complain the less likely it is for you to ever come back into the game as a gm dude. holy smokes man. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!</div></div>

Youre missing all ahl signings, any drafted prospects that signed elcs (marco kasper), youre close but you dont even have the right cap amount cuz of balcers. youve had 3 weeks dude. Not a day not 2 days 3 whole weeks. Anybody that isnt friends with the bog gets terminated the minute 12 oclock strikes.

I want to be part of the game when its RUN CORRECTLY AND THERES NO BLATANT FRIENDSHIP FAVORITISM THAT RUINS IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE. You cant operate a game for 32 and then the rules are different for 12/32 gms... Theres 32 gm spots. I dont carry dictator vibes im citing the rules as written. I didnt write any of them, im abiding by them. Why is it so hard and annoying to ask that the 32 gms follow the same set of rules as written. 2/6 bog members have me blocked on twitter. Ive been called a child/loser/harassed constantly personally by multiple members both here and in dms. For simply calling out the group and youre included in that group for targeted bullying, harassment, basically running a boys club, and not following the rules. I didnt ask bog to set a time frame on your page, im just wondering why and how youre a gm based on the rules and their own guidelines the page needed to be accurate.

Youre literally sitting here calling me a loser, telling me to get a life all because you cant simply recreate a page using the forums. The information is pretty easily attainable in the forums. There werent THAT many moves made between jons page and when i left. Stop complaining and do your job as a gm, youre the one who took the job... Theres 2 open gm spots right now if i wanted to come back in that capacity dont you think ide ask?

I asked on columbus opening to prove you would hire literally anyone else over me, dev, and joseph and shocker you hired someones friend who wasnt really a cf user (he had less than 5 posts on the site). I asked on bog to prove you wanted a boys club with tony on bog over an unbiased non team run individual and shocker results werent posted here and even so the group wanted their buddy in power again shocker.

I dont need to be apart of what you have going on. I talk hockey with a few gms, i give my opinion when asked and thats all i want out of gm game going forward. I dont want to go back into a general chat where people get attacked for literally zero reason daily. Its such a hostile environment. And again im not the only one thats tired of the same 10 people controlling the game. I know im the only one being vocal about it here... But im not the only one thats tired of the constant BS that comes from the GC. Literally a daily occurence of bullying exists in that chat, joking or not.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Nov. 28, 2022 at 8:14 p.m.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Nov. 22, 2022 at 9:26 a.m.
Alrighty since bog voting is over and the boys club continues with everyones pal Gronk being elected (shocker).

Bog breaks rules for eklund to come back. He makes his page on the 11th. Very incorrect in every aspect btw. Bog waits 5 days to publicly post on cf thread things that are incorrect. I know hes gotten messages in gc and twitter too but clearly doesnt care to fix them. Youve hired 2 irl friends and skipped over potential capfriendly users (the platform we are hosted by btw) for gm roles. Theres a current minnesota opening which i know at least 3 current cf users that want to participate and youre just keeping them out because "theyre bad gms". How can you use that excuse at all when the kid you broke the rules to bring back hasnt updated anything past the scoring sheet on his page? The informations all in the threads guys. Took me an hour to recreate the team i deleted using only the trade/ufa resign/and ufa threads. It actually took me LONGER to create the page initially because the original SJS page was inaccurate.

List of things your newest bog member has done "jokingly/or not" harrassed multiple KIDS on twitter, made a parody of one of their moms accounts and harrassed him on twitter, repeatedly making fun of a kid with mental limitations, brought a double into the game, deleted his own page in v4 (which im somehow being punished for lol), etc. Again "jokingly/or not" theres no need for it. Its supposed to be a game for all, not a game for the few that are deemed worthy.

We literally have a conduct policy in place and hes overstepped that a few times without consequence. Zero accountability, zero remorse, and honestly i dont think anyone else in the game cares either which us the saddest part. Youve got a 15 year old telling me he wants to join the game and was trying to fit in and be cool and you rip him apart, make fun of him, and create an account of his mom? And then say he cant join the game (ive been told the reasons... Im well aware). Its gross. Members of the game reaching out saying to cool it, that im pissing off the mods, or why do i care so much? The community is toxic..the general chat in twitter for the game is toxic. Its just a pile on when someone says something. Theres a DAILY occurence within the chat of NSFW content. Nobody can defend themselves in there. Its not a welcoming experience at all. The amount of "****", or other derogatory lingo thats been shared in the chat towards other members. My newborn daughter has down syndrome, not many knew and quite frankly that shouldnt even matter. I know multiple members that were in this game have some sort of mental incapabilities and were mocked for it. Theres members of the game scared to say who they really are because of the majority of the group.

So which is it? You just dont like them so they cant join the game? Or are they "bad gms"? Sounds alot like what the mods said is true. But hey im just a crybaby right?