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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sk540</b></div><div>You also have to realize that he has a QO of 9mm, and will be a UFA a year after that. Basically a team is not only giving up a haul, but is taking a huge risk without an extension. I am not saying that is going to extremely lessen his value, but it does have to be taken into account. I would assume a top 5 pick, a future #1 and an A prospect is a good start, it would just depend on what other piece or two. I would say this would be a mid-level pick and a B-ish prospect. I would doubt it would take another 1st or a young prospect who is a bonafide NHLer.</div></div>

According to rumors out there, the starting asking price for the Cat is: a 2022 first, two additional firsts, a high-level prospect ready to make it into the NHL this year. And yes, that is a very high ask for him (I also want to state for the record I don't necessarily agree with this ask, as if it were up to me, they wouldn't even be listening to offers him), but it's high for a reason.

The Hawks aren't shopping Debrincat, they're listening to offers.

For any team to trade for Debrincat, they're going to have to exceed the perceived value the hawks have of him by a certain amount. That perceived value is quite high right now because:
1:He's only 24
2: he's already a 2X 40-goal scorer.
3: he apparently likes being a Blackhawk and wants to stay in Chicago
4: he's (from reports) a great teammate and likely a future Captain if he stays.
5: apart from Kane, he's really the only fan-favorite left that brings people to games, and represents a significant income for a team looking to go through a painful rebuild.
6: Since coming into the league, he's improved his game every year. He isn't just a sniper, he's a 200ft player who even kills penalties.

The Blackhawks likely know that Debrincat is worth probably around 2 firsts +, or a combination equaling about that. But if a team is only going to offer the Hawks what Debrincat is worth, they would likely prefer to keep him. One bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so they say. But if someone is willing to overpay on him, that is likely something the Hawks would listen to, and exactly what they did with the Hagel trade at the TDL (Hagel, for the record, is not worth 2 firsts, and 2 nhlers).
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