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Forum: NHL Trades16 hours ago
Forum: NHL Trades23 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>A.) Value of the trade from the Hawks perspective is subpar. It's not a complete rip off, but Kahun is SOLID, $3M less, and an RFA. I'll admit that he's got max bonuses which shouldn't be lost either. So cap management will still need to be a factor going forward for JR, but he was a rookie last year and very noticeable. At least get the pick coming back!

B.) Maatta himself I don't think is that good, but I 100% get that the Hawks needed a player that has Maatta type qualities. Defensive Dman on the left side. But truthfully, the only reason Maatta's a defensive Dman is because he's SOO slow and the game is just getting faster. He came into the league as a scoring Dman. But then wasn't scoring. It just feels like no one really knows what type of player Maatta is. Not JR not Sullivan so they shipped him out and he's now Bowman's problem. I mean, just look at the vote section of the PIT article below.

<a href="https://www.pensburgh.com/2019/6/10/18659694/2018-19-penguins-season-in-review-olli-maatta-pittsburgh-future-rumors-pens" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">https://www.pensburgh.com/2019/6/10/18659694/2018-19-penguins-season-in-review-olli-maatta-pittsburgh-future-rumors-pens</a>

C.) It's 1 year too long. So Let's pretend that Maatta does turn it around...Seattle's just going to take him. EVEN if BOTH Keith and Seabs aren't with the Hawks...Gus, Joki, Murphy...they'll all be protected first. I know this team will have more trades before Seattle's expansion, but they just gave up a SOLID forward for someone they might lose for nothing...as a best case. Worst case, they're stuck with him.</div></div>

And thanks for explaining what we in Pittsburgh already know. Good luck with Maatta.
Forum: NHL SigningsJun 3 at 5:11
Emil Larmi is a very good pick up by the Penguins. He's from Finland and goaltenders from there are typically top notch and have great pedigree. As for needing another goalie in our system yes we do. Murray and DeSmith are our top two and Jarry is a potential trade piece so we do need to fill in his spot and this could be that piece. Had our GM reacted earlier and made more proactive decisions based on (Actual player realization = Knowing what the actual player's can do longterm) we could have received higher compensation for players like Jarry and Maatta but he chose to hold onto them as if they were all of a sudden become something they are not. This is where I have not liked GM Jim's choices in these decisions. He has made very good decisions but I think this can be improved. This is where Age of a GM comes into play. While its great to have experience he also needs to listen to younger (more in touch) professionals who understand talent as it is developing today. Maatta's foot speed was not going to change and neither was his decision making. IF, it's not where it needs to be according to the play of the team then moving him when he had value would have been smart. Now its too late because we exposed his weakness and teams cannot be fooled. As for Jarry he is a goalie and he has a better chance to improve in little ways but from what I have witnessed his time has come and gone. His value is depleted because we chose DeSmith (whom I like). Jarry and Maatta need to be traded away and a philosophy change must be made moving forward. Trade players away before they loose too much value. It's like trading stocks, Buy low and Sell High.