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Forum: Armchair-GM12 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>I generally post ideas for conversation. In the case of Landeskog he likely isn't going anywhere and I get that. In the case of Lindholm, 75% he is leaving Anaheim and widely discussed by the professional analysts as players likely to be traded in the offseason or TDL next year. As a 1 year rental, for a guy that's not a superstar in flat cap world, it is my opinion and echoing what i saw on The Athletic, Anaheim doesn't get more then a mid 1st and 3rd rounder or the equivalent. All I am doing is translating that into young players that can help rebuild a bottom feeder organization that is in a complete rebuild and addressing their needs as such with a top 6 center and bottom 6 defensive center both of which Anaheim needs.

Happy to consider your perspective but you've not added any real concrete examples or logic or reasoning and instead have simply saying Anaheim will re-sign Lindholm or be traded for more. Why? Any examples? Why would Lindholm stay? Why would they re-sign a guy going on 29 years old to a long term deal when they are going to be the youngest team in the league? What do you think Lindholm is worth for a 1 year rental?

Healthy debates and discussions are just that, healthy and gives two people the opportunity to understand different perspectives. However, just saying "no" or "not enough" or "he will re-sign" is unsubstantiated opinion with no logic or reasoning which too many people on forums in general do and why Capfriendly specifically has rules try to enforce a healthy discussion or debate with logic and reasoning and avoid this. As a longer term member and active one, we encourage discussion and different perspectives supported by sound logic and reasoning not just "no" or "won't happen". You don't have to agree with another person's perspective but don't say "anaheim won't consider" and be dismissive of a person's perspective without explaining yourself...it's frankly lazy and worse yet not worth your time in responding to people if someone is willing to engage with logic, reasoning, and examples to support it.</div></div>

That’s precisely what I’m doing, discussing. Like I said previously, ANA probably wants to resign him and probably wants draft capital. None of that implies Lindholm will resign but rather that the Ducks want him to resign. That’s what matters in a trade, the team’s objectives.

I think the Ducks will want to resign one of Lindholm or Manson and Id rather have Lindholm. Pair him with Drysdale as he develops but the Ducks should be getting better sooner rather than later but I don’t think Strome is under team control (3 more seasons) until that time so this is kind of a waste of assets for ANA. And I’m high on Strome, I’d like to work out a deal to swap him and Greenway from MIN.
Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>It's not about what makes anaheim better or not next season. Anaheim is in a big rebuild and knowing Lindholm probably isn't staying, they need to cash in their chips and get some young assets or maybe they can pull a top 10 draft pick. Obviously Strome turned 24 in February and is a RFA on a very affordable contract and provides a much needed center for Anaheim. So you get Strome his entire career or Lindholm for 1 year...I think the answer is obvious. Don 't forget Kampf who is a very solid 4th line defensive center.

You are assuming Lindholm will re-sign with a team that is bottom of the league and plays to a stadium that usually isn't near capacity and fans come to support other teams moreso then bigger markets like Toronto, NY, Chicago, etc. I'm willing to bet, I'm sure a lot of others are as well, (it's even been talked about on The Athletic) Lindholm will not sign in Anaheim when you have teams like Chicago with just as much cap space and much much deeper pockets to dig into that cap space. He likely goes somewhere that pays him as much or more on a bigger stage with better fans and a better organization or he goes to a cup contender. He's on his last big contract of his career so this one is his opportunity to go pretty much wherever he wants and Anaheim isn't exactly on the top of most hockey player's lists.

Maybe he's laid down his roots though in Orange County and loves it. Maybe he has a beautiful home close to the ocean such as Newport and makes the slug fighting traffic to the stadium for games....for those that don't know, the traffic is a nightmare from West Orange County to East where the Stadium is. Who knows, but I'm still betting he's chasing a cup or a bigger pay day in a bigger hockey town.</div></div>

You have an interesting way of projecting your wants and desires onto this situation. I’ll stop here by saying it’s doubtful ANA seriously considers that.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OutCold13</b></div><div>Line one is a line Dean went to early in the year and both Kaprizov and Ek took off not to mention Greenway was his most engaged self during that time. Then Dean did some tinkering and the lettuce line was great but has since gone stagnant mostly because it's always looking to make the extra pass.
Rask has been ok this year but he has been guilty of far too many turnovers for what his production warrants.
Sturm is a bottom 6 guy but so are the majority of the Wild centers. Hartman to me seems like the ideal 3C right now brings some offense and lots of grit. Zuccarello isn't a checking line guy but since Dean doesn't line match a ton Wild don't necessarily need a defacto checking line. I think these lines work best for most teams Wild play. I should say in the case of when the Wild play Colorado I think dean needs to adjust. Line match Foligno/Ek/Greenway vs the Mackinnon line and then put the lettuce line back together line 3 in that case would probably be mojo/Hartman/Fiala and the 4th line back to Parise/Sturm/Bonino.</div></div>

I’m in the same boat that KK lifts JEE and Greener. He also lifts Zucc, so we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. I’m also in total agreement with you about Hartman, he’s got good 3C vibes but I think he’s a stealth pick to play wing opposite Fiala once we get a more offensive C given his defensive inclinations.

Anyway, didn’t mean to hate on your idea so much as discuss the lineup. I def come across the wrong way sometimes.
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