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Dumb trades are easy
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Forum: Armchair-GM9 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mhroblak</b></div><div>I'll admit it's been awhile since I last discussed, but Kings fans have told me they wanted to protect Walker (I personally think it's a split between him and Clague for the last protection spot if LA goes 7-3-1, but that was the gist I got, hence why I've continued to go with 4-4-1 for them.

That's definitely a valid point from a management perspective, but Logan Brown has barely gotten a chance to make an impact for the Senators. In addition, Shane Pinto has just arrived for Ottawa and he's deservedly ahead of Brown. That should make Brown expendable whereas Tierney could become trade deadline bait for the Sens in 2021-22.

As of now I actually have the Rangers protecting Brett Howden. Now many Rangers fans, including myself, see Julien Gauthier as the better player. But the reason I would rather protect Howden is actually because of a third player: Colin Blackwell. We're pretty much forced to expose him at this point, in order to satisfy exposure rules. Because Gauthier already has ties to Ron Francis, who drafted him as the Hurricanes GM, I'm confident that the Kraken would take Gauthier over Blackwell. I can't say the same for if the Kraken would take Howden over Blackwell though.</div></div>

I don’t know Blackwell, but he looks like a late bloomer like Iafallo. Like I said before, dont underestimate Seattle's will to get deep at center.

As for Gauthier, I dont want to bash on a fellow Quebecer, but I smell a bust. Some kids are so gifted they never learn the work ethics of a professional.

Blackwell it is ;)
Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago