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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bogdown</b></div><div>Pettersson is untouchable, he is a top 10 centre in the league and a superstar right now. I wouldn't trade him away unless you are absolutely sure that he won't sign or whatever BS.

Kuzmenko and Schenn are the most undervalued players I've ever seen on this website. Kuzmenko is a guy making league minimum scoring at Panarin's and Kaprizov's rookie season pace, not to mention he loves Vancouver and wants to re-sign. If you do trade him, you at least get back more than Jesse Puljujarvi who probably won't even be in the league next year and a late first. Schenn too is another guy making league minimum with championship pedigree. Edmonton paid a second, a seventh, and Lagesson for Kulak, Schenn is much better than Kulak, let alone Chariot. Plus they already turned down Schenn for a second at last year's deadline.

The Hughes to NJ trades are so strange. There is no reason to trade a top 5 offensive defenseman in the league just to "unite" the Hughes brothers.

Demko trade is meh I guess, but Cal Petersen in brutal. The Canucks have lost half of their games this year because of bad goaltending, they don't need another bad goalie.

Horvat trade is brutal, and you managed to sneak Ethan Bear in, who is currently our best young RHD. To trade Bo to a divisional rival just down the road would return a much larger package than that.

And why are we selling so low on Hoglander. The guy is one of two players from the second round that year to even play 100 games in the NHL and he's thriving in Abbotsford. Why the hell would we trade him for a mid third?</div></div>

Well the whole premise of this post is that VAN starts on a completely new slate, and trading Pettersson would be a starter in this regard. I don't know about you, but imo for a rebuilder gaining a 3rd-5th overall pick in one of the deepest drafts ever is enticing, as well as getting two really good prospects, and a pending UFA center that can be traded for picks later down the line.

The notion of Schenn being "one of the most undervalued players" on this site is subjective, you could also argue that he's one of the most overvalued guy around by Nucks fans. It's only been a matter of year and a half when he was the 7D in Tampa's cup winning team, not even consistently making it into the lineup. Just because he does relatively well in VAN in comparison to their bottom-3 defense league wide doesn't mean he's anything special - he's a career bottom pair D-man. The value he provides is mostly due to his very affordable cap hit. I just have to wonder that if teams were willing to offer only a 2nd round pick for him when he had two years left, why would he have any more value as a rental now?

Now all that aside, the comparison to Kulak is rather fair. And I don't think I've really missed the mark on that regard either. Schenn for 2nd+6th. Lagesson was worth nothing, he was included simply to even out the contract slots.

Kuzmenko's value is rather tough to distinguish, we're talking about a 27 year old playing his first year in the league, although putting really good results. Comparison to Panarin and Kaprizov doesn't really work since the two of them were 24 and 23 respectively when making their NHL debuts. His contract status bring no leverage, he's a rare case of a player that becomes UFA right after his first year. I think netting a first for him, all things considered, is quite fair. They can opt to keep him of course if he wants to commit in Vancouver long-term, but once again it doesn't really follow the premise of this post, which is about rebuilding. Still, I'd argue Pulju+1st is enough for a guy like this.

Hughes trade is also made under the premise that VAN blows up. Should Hughes become available, I don't doubt for second that NJ is interested, specifically for the concept of uniting all Hughes brothers. As well as the Demko trade, if they plan to rebuild. Kings offers here two prospects and a first in order to swap Demko and Petersen, because as you said, Petersen is brutal. However, if VAN is at the rebuilding state, it doesn't really matter that much who they'll go with, as they're not competing anyway, meanwhile the Kings do need a goalie, and Demko prior to this year has been solid. They have good enough prospect pool to take a chance with goalie swap.

Horvat trade is brutal? That'd be one of the largest package to be moved for a rental in last five years, if not the largest. And VAN literally just acquired Bear for a 5th round pick, he's not exactly a groundbreaking asset, but brings Kraken depth for their playoff run. Also calling Bear a "young RHD" is a bit much...he's turning 26 this year.

Höglander can be kept if necessary. Just thought that a 22 year old circling between NHL and AHL in a relatively bad team doesn't inspire huge amount of confidence. At least to me. I'd prefer swapping such asset to something that will have value later down the line, as there's a risk Höglander will lose his.
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