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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LuckyMoneyPuck</b></div><div>they have a draft because the 32 teams need organization for how talent comes into the league....not for the fans.
Even when the fan base hasn't been there, and the league was damn near a beer league, they still had a draft.
So no everything isn't done for the fans. But they sure got you in marketing to get you to think that.
Fact is they careless about the fans and more about TV deals and advertisement money than they ever will the fans. It's why they bend over backwards to appease those crowds in ways they will never for the fan base.
Let me tell you a little something I learned from growing up in Cleveland watching the browns move out of town..... F the over attachment to a team. They don't give a $#!t about the fans. You just haven't figured it out yet. Money is way more important than the fans. They aren't in this business for fans, they are in it to get paid.
So don't blame the kid for doing what he thinks is in HIS best interest. Believe me, every time an NHL team leaves a city, they don't give a crap about the fan base. Go ask AZ fans.</div></div>

Yes 32 teams need organization so they can display the product in front of their FANS. The better the team is the more support they inevitably get from FANS. This marketing you're speaking of, is it towards the fans? Interesting. TV deals and adverts? Who watches those? Hmm, is it maybe the fans? Did you know the NHL is a gate revenue driven league? Meaning if people didn't actually show up to the games the league would be in serious trouble. Again very reliant on fans. And yes of course money is more important to them, it is a business after all. But who brings them the money? Maybe, fans?

You know, you gave me a good idea though. I'm gonna video my next beer league game, post it to Youtube and gather all that juicy ad revenue. Eventually probably sign a TV deal and really start rolling it in..
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