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Forum: Armchair-GMJun. 7 at 1:25 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sportguy337</b></div><div>Personally I think Vegas loses this. Thompson, Theodore, and Barbashev are all worth a first on their own. (Not necessarily a high first but still a first regardless). Marner is worth an early-mid first; his value is lower than ever. Yes, he is an elite player, but I can’t see vegas try to give up multiple valuable roster players just to acquire Marner.

Also to add, and I don’t mean this is a rude way, but those free agent signings are horrific. Pesce is one of the better defensive defenceman in the league currently, and I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see him get 7-8 million. I don’t think he’ll get more than 7, but I could still see it. The only way he takes 5.4 is if he’s going to his dream team. Even then, he’ll get at least 6. Defensive defenders are valuable, and a guy like Pesce often doesn’t hit the market, so there will be a good fight for him, especially with the increasing cap.

Don’t even get me started on the stamkos signing. This is a veteran guy who at one point was a top 15 player in the league: if not better. I understand he’s older, but I bet you even despite having a down year, he gets at least 6.5 million. While his offensive production may be slowing down, he’s a great bench guy, and a good leader that can take his team far - we’ve seen it before. And lets not act like he still doesn’t provide any offence. His shooting ability is still very good, and that’s something that often stays with a player throughout their entire career.

I say all this from my knowledge, but I’m no expert, so please feel free to correct me/argue my points.</div></div>

I agree with everything u said apart from one thing, 7+ million for a skater who had 13 points and has never cracked 30 is rich. He’s no jaccob slavin. I think 6-6.5 on the open market is definitely possible and the leafs should do everything in their power to pursue him, he’d solve a boatload of their defensive problems that have plagued them for years, especially on the right side.
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