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Forum: Armchair-GM3 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AC14</b></div><div>Because even if one is a year or two down the road it gives flexibility to make a move for a player that fits what we'd need in a time frame when we have a better understanding of where we're at when we're trying to push into the contending category.

I understand the sentiment, and share it in some form. I know we wont get back anything close to the impact Buch has, and i know we dont need to trade him this season. But if we're doing it at the draft, unless we do something similar to the Schenn trade Doug made in which we're getting another 1st for taking back bad salary on top, I don't see how we can acquire 2 firsts for Buch past this deadline, this is also disregarding that Kakko while he may not ever reach satisfaction of his draft position is a young NHL player that helps bridge the gap of trying to be competitive while also retooling.

I also understand that defense should probably be the focus here if we're acquiring young talent/prospects. That being said though, there's probably only 4-5 teams that can acquire Buchnevich asset wise, and that's disregarding his 12 team NTC.

It's not a bad decision to wait, but if you're certain you aren't re-signing him, this package certainly checks alot of boxes in terms of helping with what we're probably trying to accomplish.

Don't love the swap of Hayes for Goodrow, would rather just nix that salary whenever Hayes' contract is up.</div></div>

Nah, man. We are not waiting three drafts for half the package for Buch. That's not flexibility. It's just waiting a long time for a draft pick, which already comes with a wait to get the kid to the NHL. We're not Chicago or San Jose here.