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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LloydminsterLarry</b></div><div>We have the most far left media in the English speaking world. This is all motivated by social and political activism from the left. This entire thing was dragged back up after the money was paid. Now we have an open case that was closed before. These people saw a chance to drag this back into the spotlight for their own reasons. Why do you think we have all these “investigative” sports journalists? They’ve only been around very recently. For decades we had sports basically separated from politics. Now they are one in the same.</div></div>

1) thinking canadian media is "far left" is comical. we're a milquetoast liberal country.
2) this is motivated by seeing actual change in an organization in charge of a sport heavily tied to our culture.
3) the case was reopened because it there almost certainly wasn't enough evidence to go forward with the initial investigation - mainly because the victim in the case didn't talk to the police. this is common theme in cases of sexual assault in situations where the accused is of public notary - where the victim fears for their safety and well being on speaking out, which makes a very difficult situation to investigate much harder.
4) the fact that hockey canada has been settling cases like this nearly once a year since 1989 is....very worrying.
5) investigative journalism into sports is a great thing
6) sports and politics are intrinsically linked. your profile picture is from an international tournament and was one of the few times players from canada and players from the ussr ever competed. believing there were no political stakes in this tournaments is laughable. you also have support for a conservative pm in your flair. wouldn't recommend complaining about sports and politics being "one in the same" where you're being openly political on a sports website.
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