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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>Im fuzzy on arbitration. We had 3 arbitration eligible players file- reinhart, olofsson, and ullmark. Reinhart has already proven who he is, a 20+ goal 60+ point first line rw. He has improved every year and probably expects 7 or more, but he might take something less if its one or two years (although i believe he hits ufa after 2, so thats very bad for us/value if we want to trade). Olofsson might also take the 3.5 you have here, its probably the figure he gets awarded in arbitration too, but i expect he wants 2 years max as he genuinely looks like a breakout player that could earn more. Ullmark is fine, the numbers here are close to his value and what he would get in arbitration, and hopefully we have a better 50 game solution in place after 2 years either way. I know we cant negotiate after arbitration starts, but im not sure if that means when they filed or when the hearing is scheduled/takes place. I know we can walk away from the award making them ufas and i believe they can take the last offer from the team if its better than their award. I can see why teams are afraid of arbitration, reinhart could be set up to walk in two years.</div></div>

Well, this is all moot after the Hall signing of course : P but I based Reinhart off of Matthew Tkachuk and other comparable wingers from last year. Tkachuk gets 7mil because he is a lot closer to a point per game, while also offering other intangibles like grit and toughness, etc. Reinhart seems to just be riding shotgun with Eichel, which is why I subtracted half a million. I don't think 6.5mil is low balling him too much. I'd need to see him contribute more with another center or something to give him anything above 6.5mil. Honestly I'd be surprised if he gets that much now after the Hall signing. Like you said, he might trade in a million dollars a year to get walked up to UFA status or something. But hey, I'd sacrifice a little money to ride shotgun on one of the top 5 centers in the league no problem. Plenty wingers made a career out of that with Crosby