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Thread: A gamble
Forum: Armchair-GMMar. 15 at 5:57 p.m.
I think this is a really interesting concept. Obviously it won't happen, but I think it's interesting and... maybe fairly believable? My big issue is with losing Muzzin, though. That just can't happen. If you're gonna lose Matthews, you need a solidified top 6 and top 4 that's better than what you had. In this team, Churchrun just replaces Muzzin on defense... I don't necessarily think that's a straight upgrade (especially since you confusingly don't even use Churchrun on the power play???). I think Kerfoot has to go the other way in the trade, and you gotta keep Muzzin. Otherwise, I think the top 6 is better with Matthews, and the top 4 defense is pretty much just the same.

On the ARI side, they don't give up any of their 1st round draft picks so they can still fully do a rebuild, but I think that haul of players would still move the needle on Matthews. However, I don't think they are gonna bail on their goalie. Unless there's someone else already in the system. It's not easy to come by a young goalie that can potentially be your franchise goalie.

I also don't think there's a chance in hell this happens this season. This is definitely an off season move. So I would change the time it happens, and find a way to make the cap work to keep Muzzin, and ARI doesn't give up Vej. Maybe they retain salary on one of the pieces for compensation?

Probably the most interesting aspect here... Matthews can't even block this. How does Patrick ****in' Nemeth weasel out a M-NTC, but Matthews has nothing!?
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