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Thread: IGOR
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Thread: RW upgrade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>matthias893</b></div><div>We can't have another year like we did last year, its terrible for development. We need these young players coming in and learning how to play an NHL game, and that's hard to do when your teams a dumpster fire and you're stuck in your own end a majority of the game. The Sharks have to at least attempt to ice an NHL caliber team.

So yes, we need some better veteran players to stick around and help build this thing back right. If Couture was 100% and we had a shot at picking up a decent center in free agency then I'd say sure go for it, but that just isn't the case right now. You can only sacrifice the present so much for a rebuild, you have to leave some kind of structure and culture for the young guys to come up in. If you had Celebrini coming in for his rookie season, would you want to throw him against the McDavid's and Mackinnon's of the league every night or would you want to put him behind some guys who can shelter him a bit as he starts out?

If the Sharks are in a good spot at center at the trade deadline I could see Granlund getting moved, but its a big if and he doesn't have a great track record when moved mid-season. If he wanted to I'd honestly rather extend him and keep him on as a veteran leader, but its not the worst thing ever if he leaves in free agency either. I'm sure the Sharks would be interested in Kakko, but we don't have enough depth at center to move Granlund right now.</div></div>

I don't disagree with the notion that you need an NHL team to foster development, but where the nuts have you been the last few years? It makes no sense to me that you are fine with selling off everything, but the buck stops at 1 year signed 32 year old Granlund? Just doesn't make any sense. Grier obviously doesn't agree or else he wouldn't have dumped and retained on Hertl for six years. That is center ice leadership that makes sense to keep because he's under contract and wanted to stay (at one point, anyway), not a temporary flier like Granlund
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Thread: RW upgrade
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aecliptic</b></div><div>Trouba came out and said that it wasnt an issue. Which is bs. However if hes not 100%, and youre a liability out there, then dont play. Trouba was on the ice for 15 of the 32 goals scored against the Rangers in the playoffs.

They had the opportunity to shut him down for the rest of the year, clearing up 8m in cap space allowing them to have made a more significant trade at the deadline. There was absolutely no reason to bring him back with like 5-6 games left in the season, especially the way that Miller and Schneider had been playing, I had been very critical of Jones and he was looking really good as well during that stretch as well.

PS: I broke my toe a month ago, I didnt miss a single day of work. Im a nurse. So Im on my feet all day. 50 hours a week. So you can speak for yourself about the hang nail...</div></div>

Yeah, he says it's not an issue because he doesn't want to make excuses, but is that the truth? As a nurse do you think he would have completely healed in that time frame?

It's not like Jones or Ruhweedle would've played substantially better than injured Trouba. The end result is probably the same, or worse. Miller-Schneider was the pair for majority of the playoffs. The decision to shut him down wasn't his to make, really. It was right at the deadline, hard thing to place, and who knows if there was any worthwhile deal to be made.

Trouba was obviously not as good in the playoffs vs the regular season before injury. He should not be shipped out for his play while being hurt. Schneider wasn't perfect by any means, he needs more time before taking the 2nd pair full time. Bad play on the season ending goal on his part; didn't take the cross ice pass, didn't take the man
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Thread: RW upgrade
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Thread: RW upgrade
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