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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hullabaloo86</b></div><div>I think that Risto trade that keeps coming up is madness. Miller + Callahan for Risto is fair, anything further (especially Sergachev) from Tampa is ludacrous. Agreed if Risto was swapped for McCabe &amp; Nylander then I would expect Miller and Cally.
Yeah i mean we just disagree on the value of Risto and that means in turn Nylander and McCabe. Risto for Miller alone is insane to me. You have to pay to get rid of a cap hit like Cally's, and it doesn't seem like you're factoring that in. Teams in Tampa's situation have to be proactive about their cap or they'll end up in trouble. They've drafted and developed too well.
Tampa is already clearing close to 15m with the 4 D that are UFAs. Maybe not all will go but if you add Cally they arent that deep in the dwang and dont need to clean out Miller and Killorn unless there is a hockey trade to be made. Killorn is blood and guts and entering the twilight on a potential cup winning team that doesnt need to move him for cap space.
Vas($7+/year), Point ($9+/year), Sergachev ($4+/year) are going to cost at least $20 mill after next year. Cernak another $2-4. They are loaded and have guys ready to step up.. I wouldn't want to move Killorn either, but every other TBL post is for a 3rd-5th so I'm using that as his value.
So the rationale I am starting to see is McCabe + 2nd for Miller, Sheary for Killorn and Nylander for Sergachev. Cally thrown in for cap relief? If this is true I think Tampa still loses on Miller and Sergachev based on proof. Even though they off load Cally its bad for Sabres cap situation, considering we have Okposo and the rest but he only has one year left so not urgent.
Sheary for Killorn + (+ because of the 3mill extra cap space)
McCabe, Nylander, 2nd (or a 1st and 4th) for Miller, Sergachev, Callahan (who the Bolts have to chip in extra to get rid of)
Sheary rental borderline first???? Sorry but how?
Yeah sorry that comment was vague, and this isn't a deadline deal. To clarify, I meant as a deadline deal they're going to talk about a 1st. I think his value is pretty much = to Killorn without factoring in cap hit, except in this deal he's coming $3mill cheaper. People do crazy things for goal scoring wingers at the deadline, and the Sabres have the ability to retain half his hit.

The only way I see this trade working is if Sergachev and the Sabres second are taken out of the picture. McCabe + Sheary + Nylander for Miller + Callahan + Killorn.
Like I said before, I'm not trading Risto (McCabe + Nylander) for Miller + Callahan
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 19, 2019 at 7:50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hullabaloo86</b></div><div>They give up too many core pieces for an unproven prospect, a 3rd line D with probably not a whole heap of upside, and a 3rd line at best forward. Losing Miller and Killorn for essentially Sheary (not counting Nylander as unproven) and a speccy 2nd rounder favours Sabres. Sergachev is 20 and a jet. He almost demands a 1st rounder on his own. No way McCabe covers that and with Stralman and Girardi potentially on the way Sergachev, Hedman and McDonough are the D-core.</div></div>

First thing I'd say is I went off the trade of Risto + a 2nd for JT/Sergachev/Cally that a lot of people think is fair. I would take McCabe + Nylander for Risto from either side if the situation was right.

TBL clear up almost 20 mill in cap with what I see Sergachev signing for next year.

The value I've seen on Killorn has been between a 3rd and a 5th from Tampa fans, and Sheary replaces his production for this season. That value seems low to me, but it's coming from TBL posts.

I'd say Sheary's rental value is borderline a 1st, probably a little less in the off-season.

McCabe is a very solid 3-5 dman, and yes he is probably a guy who is who he is (a very solid bottom half d-man).

You can't just not count Nylander (unless you're specifically referring to the hole in the roster, then I get ya) 20 year old top prospects carry a lot of value. Should probably note that he's looked good in this call up.

I think you could talk me into making the 2nd round pick a 1st and a 4th.
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