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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Yup, Sutter finally found the blend button once again. As much as I respect him, his line choices have infuriated me all season

Vegas is a Bigger Team, so fine, bring in Ritchie who is Younger and can actually Score and/or Gilbert who will lay out Hits and Fight if need be, but to play Lucic at all and over Duehr &amp; Pelletier is just terrible. Good on Stecher for Fighting tonight though, way to Grip &amp; Rip hey lol

Will be interesting to see what Mang does, but he's a Sniper and Lindy &amp; Toff (both Snipers as well) need a Play Maker, so why not put Ruzicka back in that spot?

Huby didn't click with Lindy well at all, but he did with Backlund, so why not give them a Sniper like Toffoli (12.1% Shot Percentage), Mangiapane (8.5% = 1/2 what he's usually good for), Duehr (16.7% and he's got speed), Dube (14.4%) or Ruzicka (10.2%); not Coleman




Pelletier isn't scoring enough, but at least he's good defensively and on the back &amp; stick check; maybe don't put him out in OT just yet though

I like Weegar-Andersson and Hanifin-Tanev pairings and had no problem with Zadorov-Gilbert, even if Stecher is more experienced and might be better. Gilbert is Bigger, Tougher and Isn't Afraid to jump up in to the play in the O-Zone either</div></div>

Huby, Backlund, Mang sounds good to me. As much as I would like to see Toffoli move around trying to wake up some other guys, I see how it doesn't make a lot of sense screwing with one of the few things that actually works.

Putting Rosy back up with Lindy and Toff again makes sense to me.
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