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Have followed sports most of my 60 years. Long time Toronto resident now retired by the lake, north west of TO
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JumboFett</b></div><div>So what you're saying is that we're all imagining that at the beginning of the season Kyle Dubas took on Horton's and Clarkson's contracts in order to fit his incredibly top heavy forward group under the cap? That if we didn't venture over to the Leafs' CapFriendly profile we wouldn't see that they've been operating at $10M over the cap all season? You sure dude?

As for our GAA, yes, there was a huge shakeup with some Sharks veterans leaving, and there's been a period of cultural readjustment since. But, ignoring our obvious need for above par goaltending, when the D plays cohesively Burns and Karlsson are almost point per game players, and Vlasic is still considered one of the best defensive defensmen in the league. But at least we won't have to struggle year after year until the cap increases $10M to find LTIR contracts to exploit a cap. I'm not saying it wasn't a smart play on KD's part, but it is basically legal cheating.</div></div>

So tell me what the benefit of having Clarkson's to the Leaf last year. I know the answer, but it did not benefit the Leafs at all last year. Other teams have players on LTIR, it doesn't help them circumvent the cap
As for the Leaf defence, yep it's the weakest part of the team. But the worse Dman last season Barrie won't be back. Ceci and his average play and his 4.5m cap hit is gone. Three of the top six were...Reilly, Muzzin, and Dermot were all on LTIR. Sorry Sharks have an aging team with some iffy contracts, just might be untradeable with those NTCs. Don't know so many think the Leaf have so many cap and personnel issues. Lots of teams have more.
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