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Forum: Armchair-GM12 minutes ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>I think Chevy has done a good job overall. Hard to argue when he gets Schiefle for $6.125 and Ehlers for $6M. Big Buf for $7.6M? Wheeler for $8.25M @ 32 already? Probably not the best signings considering Laine, Connor, and maybe Trouba. It's not easy to be a real GM. This specific situation is also NOT a 1 way street on hardball that's for sure. Trouba wants out of WPG, but what's the reason behind it? We may never know the real reason. One side could argue he wants to go back to DET where he's from and played. The other side could argue that he just wanted long term security from WPG...didn't get it because WPG didn't value him as much as he though. Which lead him to the 1 years deals even going to arbitration.</div></div>

Agree with you that Chevy has done a good job overall. One thing you can't predict is the future. Thinking the NTC and long contract to Little and the Kulikov contract were too deal that might hurt them, but who would've guessed Laine and Connor who have been so good so soon, and maybe get such big contracts coming off their ELCs. It's something like the Leafs, young players would might get more $$$ earlier than expected. Not that is really a problem, having too many good players especially if they are signed to fair contracts. Some contract can always be traded. It my opinion, Nylander and his contract will have to traded this summer for cap space, so some money can be spent on short term dman help.
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