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Have followed sports most of my 60 years. Long time Toronto resident now retired by the lake, north west of TO
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ConnorsCousin</b></div><div>There's reports out there that Mark Hunter got a second interview with the Oilers for the GM role. Wanted to see what he actually did for the leafs. All along I've been rooting for him or McCrimmon for our next GM but I think Hunter's a better choice. Leafs drafted better when he was there, the Knights are a powerhouse, etc.

Were you guys happy Dubas won the job over him?

On a side note, does TML let Mike Babcock go right after they lose? I believe should the Leafs let him go, he's gotta be the top Head Coach in the market.</div></div>

Hunter's success as Leafs "draft guy" wasn't that good, so I wouldn't base on his hiring on his record as a Leaf. I don't know if Hunter would have been better or worse than Dubas as GM. I'm not blaming Dubas specifically, but those two contracts of Nylander and Mathews are big overpayments....which seem to be have a continuing affect on future signings. Where was the team of executives at MLSE that should have been more cap conscious? I don't think Dubas had free reign in contract negotiations but if he did, he should not have that sole authority.

Don't think the Leafs fire Babcock, after all the guys that hired him (Shanahan and friends) would have to acknowledge he isn't the "guy" anymore. But he should be fired. His game management is poor and maybe his game prep strategy is poor also. Leafs will never be better with Babcock as coach. For a chance to win, the Leafs should get a better head coach and I would say new better coaching staff.