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Forum: Armchair-GMMon. at 12:29 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Hippy</b></div><div>Compare this to the Meier deal. Both team exchanged multiple players and the Sharks ate half of Meier's last year. Meier is three years younger and is an RFA when his contract is up.

The best prospect in the Meier deal was Mukhamadullin, who was 20th overall. Agreed, early returns look very good on him.

Zetterlund, after two years in the AHL had played 80 games and had 38 points (.475 PPG). Abruzzese has only played one year and in that time has 48 points in 69 games (.695 PPG). He was also point a game at 2022 Olympics. Zetterlund's AHL career spans 128 games over three years in which time he has amassed 90 points (.703 PPG). SDA has played 107 games over that same span of time and has totaled 76 (.710 PPG). They are all the same age but the last two have no been afforded the same opportunities as pros because the Leafs are a much deeper team up front than New Jersey.

Okhotiuk is 6'1" 195. In 111 AHL games he has 24 points. Kral is 6'2" 198. In 92 AHL Games he has 29 points. I watched the Utica/Toronto series this year (I have the AHL package). Okhotiuk's most noticeable moments happened after the whistle. That's not saying much. Kral, were it not for the fact that this version of the team has signed Graves, would be the Leafs third pairing LHD next season.

Next time you are tempted to make a snap judgement on prospect value, don't.</div></div>
What are you talking about? Zetterlund and Okhotiuk were like the 4th and 5th most important pieces in that deal.

You included nothing close to Mukhamadullin or a 1st round pick in value.
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