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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>Crazy how both Tampa and CGY were absolutely steamrolled despite being #1 seeds. We could actually have 7 of the bottom 8 seeds advance to the 2nd round. NYI were seeded higher than PIT, but most people would consider that series an upset, especially in 4 games.</div></div>

It depends what "upset" means. There has been some disagreement about that. Some people think an upset is if the lower seeded team wins the series, and some think it's the team who was picked to win by less people wins. However, some people think not every series is a potential upset series. For example, whether it's Winnipeg or St. Louis who wins that series, maybe neither is an upset, because even though the Jets were probably the favourite going into the series, it was very close. IMO an upset is when the clear favourite who was getting way more picks to win the series than the other ends up losing the series. I wouldn't call the Islanders-Penguins series an upset, just because as much as Pittsburgh was the favourite, it was somewhat close. Columbus and Colorado were upsets in my opinion, because WAY more people were picking Tampa Bay and Calgary to win those series. I also usually don't think about number of games when talking about how big an upset it was. Sure, maybe it's more surprising, but if I'm looking for the biggest upset, I'm not thinking as much about the number of games. I'm trying to think of the biggest surprise series winner. So, for example, Montreal beating Washington in 2010 was a bigger upset in my opinion than Nashville sweeping Chicago in 2017, even though it took Montreal 7 games. Because even though Nashville and Chicago was an upset (because way more people were picking Chicago to win the series) and not a very high percentage of people were picking Nashville to win the series, there were more people picking them to beat Chicago than there were picking Montreal to beat Washington.