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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>flamesfan419</b></div><div>We do our free agents (RFA &amp; UFA) before July 1st, so there's no point waiting for RL to happen because we have to decide on new contracts ahead of that.
Plus the sheet that's used as a guideline for contracts usually doesn't get published until the latter part of May.
I've quietly wondered if this is the correct way of doing it based on a few (many) free agent signings back when v3 started compared with what that "real life" player was signed for.
But, that's just me and I understand and follow the rules set forth in our game. It just sucks when you're stuck with a guy whose "in game" contract is so horribly out of whack with what he got in real life.

My other thought on the whole topic is, we are relying on a group of 6-7 people to make the final determination on pretty much every free agent contract in our game.
I know because at this time last year I was one of those 6-7 people, and it wasn't always easy having to go back to someone and tell them they had to increase their offer to one that fit more in line with either some prediction sheet or what "we" felt was right.
What I'd like to see happen, just as an example, if we sign a FA to a certain contract and it turns out the real life number and term is much lower, we're given the option to change it to match. I mean if you've got a guy whose 50% higher in term &amp; cap than what his real life deal is, that's kind of stupid.

Don't take anything I've said the wrong way, the prediction sheet is a pretty good tool and surprisingly comes very close if not bang on with the numbers.</div></div>

I understand even though I disagree. If we are matching any contracts though, we have to match them all, not just the ones beneficial to us. I trust myself not to make ridiculous contracts in either direction, but I can't say the same for all other GMs, real and imagined. I don't want either of them making my GM decisions, that's what I'm here for.
The only problem is GMs in our game offering ridiculous contracts. Offer contracts that you think are realistic, not ones that lock every player up long term or structured to win him in free agency. I'd rather be outbid than overpay.
If you trade for one of those ridiculous contracts, that's on you as well.

You should also be able to justify any contract. Use comparables, take into account the length and value players of that kind and/or in that situation may get in real life. If you're significantly wrong, you're bad at your job. :p
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