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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>McRanteskog</b></div><div>lets look. hes got 5yr at 6.5mil remaining (sheeeesh)

19-20 - 43pts and missed 12 games due to injury/illness
20-21 - 23pts and missed 21 games due to injury/illness
21-22 - 20pts and missed 26 games due to injury/illness

at 6.5mil, he should be producing minimum 55+ pts/season and is nowhere near those levels nor is he staying healthy..

We are looking at a cap dump with heavy compensation or a buyout here if you ask me (IF he gets moved this offseason).
Its in MTLs best interest to hold onto him now in hopes he has a good 22-23 season and trade him when his value is higher.</div></div>

Ideally you don't want a player missing that many games, but his injuries aren't chronic. They are bad luck, like taking a puck to the hand. It's not knee, hip, back, concussion, where you can expect it to be a regular occurrence.

His injuries are a result of putting himself in dangerous areas of the ice. Coaches love those players and they are necessary.
How often do you see skill players or otherwise soft players criticized for not going to the dirty areas? Every coach wants those guys. Whether they have them for 60 games or 80, they'll take it.
There's no question that teams want Gallagher.

Now GMs have to find a way to make it work. Be that money in/out or retention. Gallagher is not grossly overpaid. Using his raw totals is misleading.
In '20 and '21, he had his 3rd best p/60 pace both years. He was also on pace for 30 goals. That would have been 4 consecutive 30 goal campaigns were it not for bad luck with injuries.
A 4 time 30 goal scorer is easily worth that contract and the 50 point total you suggest would have been met as well extrapolated for a full season.
Gallagher is from 10-30th among RW for total goals, per game, and per 60 over the last 3 years. Including his injuries and this season's poor results.

Teams would want him. His hands getting injured is the only real concern and blown out of proportion (how often does one player get hit in the hands by Weber caliber slapshots?). He's only 30 and still has at least a few good years in him.

His contract is a bargain if he can return to a 30 goal pace and only miss a handful of games. It's a problem if he repeats this season's results in a better situation (not on a historically bad team).

A couple picks and get him at $5M or less, either via retention or sending a contract back, isn't bad at all. Even if there's conditions on the picks, Montreal will take that bet. He's going to be better next year regardless of where he plays, the only question is how much.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DeadWingsv2</b></div><div>No, it just proves that I'm not a Montreal slappy, like you. I've not watched them all, but I've seen quite a few Habs games this year and he has visibly slowed down. If you don't notice that, what are you even watching? He's on the books for 6.25m through age 37 in a league where speed matters. If you think he's good, then keep him and enjoy that contract.</div></div>

Petry's mobility has not changed, his deployment has. He's gone from a 55/45 offensive split, to 45/55 defensive.
Combine that with Ducharme's obviously flawed system, the lack of a top 4 RD behind him, no steady partner (especially with injuries), Montreal's lack of scoring and PP success, mental struggles due to separation from family, etc.
There's no single reason Petry has had a less productive than usual season. Age barely registers as one of them. He's the same player, the situation is the variable.

He has 14 points in his last 22 games. He's coming around since Montreal has replaced Ducharme, Edmundsson has returned, scoring is up, and the trade issue is temporarily on hold. With the off season approaching, seeing family is less difficult to manage and more of something to look forward to.

His contract only becomes a problem when his age does affect his performance, which has NOT been the case as of yet. One of the worst contracts in the league is a ridiculous take. You obviously haven't watched enough or have confirmation bias.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>as an aside, I'm sure Flyers fans appreciate you thinking their pick will land in the middle of the 2nd next season, because I sure don't. I was assuming that pick would land in the mid-30s, early in the 2nd.

I think your first part is where it ends up. Petry is staying in Montreal. This year obviously sucked for him personally but it's beginning to seem like it's (hopefully) not going to be as big of an issue to see his family with COVID restrictions beginning to lift in the US and Canada, so I think that will work in his favor. And again, I think we both agree that Montreal trading Petry this offseason would be foolish - you're selling him at the absolute nadir of his value. Give him next season to see if he can recapture his game under MSL and either provide good value for the Habs, or become a tradable asset again. The absolute worst case scenario is you're where you are now - except with a year less term left on his deal at the deadline.</div></div>

Flyers are trying to compete and I believe they will make moves toward that goal, so I'm not counting them in the basement ... Yet.

As for Petry, I hope he does stay. Regardless of what happens, we are short on the right side and I don't want to see us handing out another Savard contract or a likely prohibitive Letang/Klingberg contract in free agency.

We need veteran support for our D prospects. I think Buffalo does too. I'd be willing to give up a 2nd+ for a similar player if one were available. There's just nobody like that which can be had unless the player or contract are worse.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>Justin Schultz has won two Cups, and so has Jan Rutta. Justin Braun has played in more than double the amount of playoff games that Petry has. PK Subban has won a Norris Trophy.

I'll reiterate that I'm not saying that Petry is a bum, I'm just saying that he's a bad fit for Buffalo, especially at that price. If Buffalo is looking for a veteran to mentor their young D corps, there are plenty of options in UFA that are guys that have been more successful than Petry - whether that's individual success or being part of championship teams - and they will all cost less in both AAV and cost to acquire.

If Montreal really wants to move Petry (which is dumb to begin with because they'd be selling at his rock bottom value at this point), he makes the most sense for a contending team that needs top 4 RHD help and who can stomach the acquisition cost. Otherwise, you're stuck with him for 3 more years.

edited to add: just wanted to point out the irony that you say "without giving up 1sts, quality prospects or paying more for longer" - Buffalo is one round off on the pick from doing all three at once here, which is why I'm saying the value is horrible</div></div>

Montreal doesn't want to move Petry. He wants to move. We'd happily be "stuck" with him. We have neither the depth or quality of player to replace him, and could use him for the same reasons.
If you feel another player offers more for less, I'd be satisfied if every single team turned down any Petry trade.

Including Levi is debatable. I said that already. A goaltender will never be more valuable outside of the organization until they have proven they can perform at the professional level.
There's a big difference between a mid 2nd and a mid 1st. It's not simply "off by 1 round".

I'd love to send him to a contender instead, but not many teams manage to be contenders without already having their top 4D or the cap space to add one.