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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Steven_Stamkos</b></div><div>For some reason officiating has become the most talked about thing this playoffs. Forget Florda's underdog run. Forget the cup finals teams last year out in the first round. Outstanding individual performances. Whatever anyone wants to label as the headline or headlines for this years playoffs, they're wrong. Across the board it's been officiating. Do I agree with the majority? No. This is my first year on CF for the playoffs, but this site has been polluted with complaints and arguements about the refs since the second week of April. It feels as if literally every game there is a problem with the refs lol.

But my response to your comment:
See, that's also an issue in my opinion. Because teams are already taking advantage of game management by the refs. I don't think calling anything and everything will solve it because then you end up playing half or more than half of the game without 5v5. And then it just turns into who can score the most goals. A teams gameplan won't be centered around their style of play, it will be about how we can score more on the powerplay than our opponent, and how we can kill more penalties than they do. The problem with calling everything is that the game will turn soft. Players take less chances because they know they'll get called for it, and the whole game becomes less ferocious and physical. The penalty I hate more than anything on earth that has become quiet regularly called over the last idk 5 years, has been slashing. Slashing a players stick while he has the puck. There is a difference between slashing a players hands/slashing and breaking a players stick, and smacking a puck carriers stick with your stick to effectively knock the puck out of his possession. That's called good defense in my opinion. Things are tightening up now that we are into high pressure time nearing the finals. But in the regular season there were countless soft calls that just ruin the game in my opinion.

If the NHL want's to make stuff soft and easy, to the point where the whole game becomes solely about skill, so be it. But I would hate to see that happen. The grimey, physical, game within the game type stuff that we see in the playoffs is what makes the game great. Not players just flying around the ice dangling with protection from basically any contact whether by stick or body.</div></div>

The playoffs is the wrong time to implement a stricter level of adherence, but it would be a multi-season undertaking regardless. Players aren't going to adapt quickly and will continue to push the limits, until the league shows they will not relax the standard as they have so often before.
Consistency is the goal and that can only be accomplished with diligence.
The biggest gripe in officiating (and game management), is the lack of consistency. X is not a penalty in Y situation, like letting a crosscheck slide because that team is already down 3-0.

As for what gets called, you can't take a crosschecking or slashing penalty if your stick is at ice level, so all players have to do is keep their blades down. That's not a difficult thing to manage, there's just no incentive for them to make the adjustment.
(Tangent, but IMO the double minor for high sticking is perhaps the silliest penalty. You can prevent it by wearing a full shield. If you choose less protection, you assume the risk.)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Steven_Stamkos</b></div><div>Personally I think overtimes should get called hard. I think it needs to be something really egregious for a penalty to get called. The problem I see with a lot of people in overtime is they go "WTF, that's a penalty, how can you not call that???!" people want every thing called because they want as early or as many chances on the powerplay in OT as they can get. But if things get called easy in overtime then they complain about how soft the call is. You can't have it both ways. It's the most intense time of the season, when in doubt, keep the game fair and 5 on 5 rather than having the game/series/cup end over a soft call that didn't effect the game that much anyway. Point blank, if you and your team are complaining about not getting powerplays or getting penalties called against you, you have a problem. If you can't win at this time of year 5 on 5, you don't deserve to be here. Games are won and lost by what you and your team does, not by what the other team or the refs do to you. Because at the end of the day, the only thing you can control is how you play YOUR game. You can't control what the opposing team or the refs do, it's not on them, it's on you.</div></div>

I agree in principal. I want games decided 5 on 5.
I think you have to get to that point by stopping teams from taking penalties however, and that can't happen if you don't make the calls.
Call everything and players will adjust, eventually. If every rule is a coin toss on whether it gets enforced, players will continue to take advantage of the "game management" aspect to gain an edge.
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