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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>cnb17</b></div><div>I get what you're saying and I don't believe that Kessel or Hornqvist get moved so maybe Jugs.....Simon isn't a defensive minded forward IMO and isn't worth the skates he's on. I like what you're saying about getting Malkin and better LW but I just don't see that being an option with the lack of cap space for the Pens. Unless, like you said, they can move Kessel (huge mistake) or Hornqvist (which I think is the better move but not sure what the return would be...maybe a 2nd or 3rd? but I don't think you get a young prospect) I just don't see the top 6 getting better than what they SHOULD have been last year. Cuz on paper, the top 6 should be solid.</div></div>

Simon is one of the most reliable and defensive minded forwards on the team, not sure how you could say otherwise. And not worth the skates he's on? You are suggesting they pay Lindberg over 3 million to do less than Simon does at 750K ... I am not understanding your logic. I don't think trading Kessel is a huge mistake, he can't do anything 5v5 and is absolutely brutal on his off-wing on the PP. I think his numbers only go down from here and if he can be moved to get rid of Johnson and get a decent return (a young guy, few picks), it will clear up space to allow Rutherford to go after a dangerous winger for Gino and put Kahun on his right side. They now have many wingers that they can rotate in and out of the top 6 to find the right fit but one more elite winger is needed.
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