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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>Are Myers, Sanheim, Morin not going to turn into those top 4 defenseman that you need? As far as defenseman go, I think the soon-to-be UFA's will get overpaid. They are for the most part older, slower and on the decline (generally speaking). So maybe the trade route is the way you should go to fill that void. PHI has a lot of young forwards they could package for a defenseman. Maybe Zadorov from COL or Nurse from EDM or Dumba from MIN- just spitballing.</div></div>

To be honest I am not sure we do have those guys to get a Zadorov or Nurse or Dumba, as I don't think the team is keen on trading the upper tier guys like frost and farabee, maybe ratcliffe but there would definitely need to be more there. I think guys like Aube-Kubel and David Kase, and to some extent also guys like Bunnaman and Twarynski have shown they have what it takes to play in the bottom 6, but those would just be pieces, nothing to base an entire trade around. Hagg has quietly been one of our better dmen this year and perhaps when or if ghost comes back, he could be added to a trade, as Ghost's value is so low I would assume the team would like to get him going, perhaps putting him back with Braun and allowing him to be more of an attacking dman. Mark Friedman also showed he could hold his own, albeit over a very, very small sample size. You hope Morin comes back, but at this point, it has just been bad break after bad break, he cannot stay healthy and cannot find a way into a d corps that for the most part since he has been drafted in 2013, hasn't been a top tier group. it feels like if he hasn't cracked it on a regular basis yet, then will he ever?

I think the Flyers for the most part have played some really good hockey, and as funny as it is they play their best hockey against division leaders and playoff teams, which is so weird but also the most Flyers thing ever. If they can get a defense first dman who can eat minutes, help the PK, can contribute a bit offensively, and make guys afraid to stay by the net or go into the corners, I think thats what our number one need would be. Especially if Patrick can maybe come back and even more so if that line of JVR-G-TK continues to buzz out there, they can set the tone for the rest of the lineup.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>Dillon is not a minutes-eater -- has averaged just over 17 minutes a game for the last 6 years with SJS. When he was playing more minutes when he played for Dallas he was awful, SJS realized this and has kept his minutes down to that of a 4/5 defenseman because he can't handle more. If you want him, go for it - just don't overpay for a soon-to-be 30 year old 4/5 defenseman or it will be a burden of a contract before the ink is dry. Players like you described do not age well - don't sign them in their 30s to big money/term contracts.</div></div>

i dont know, i mean he does play on a team with EK and Burns, and Vlasic, im sure he wouldn't get the opportunities that he would here. he does play almost 20 a night now even with those 3 above him, and he has been for the most part a plus player in his career while regularly having a ton of hits. But watching several SJ games and from I hear his teammates think about him (on podcasts, TSN, etc etc) he appears to be pretty good in his own end. And yes he is 29, but outside of a bad year, he has stayed relatively healthy and will have about 600 games to his name by the end of the season. if he has 300/400 games left in him the contract would certainly be worth it. I agree, maybe a bit high, but the type of dman we need isn't out there I guess. Maybe i was forcing it a bit. I would definitely like a guy like Barrie or Pietreangelo but thats not realistic.

IDK, we just need help on defense, we need a suter, we need a weber, we need a doughty, we need another Provy, I just dont see where they are, they dont grow on trees.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ExpiredmilkYT</b></div><div>He is</div></div>

He's not a scrub and you're not way off, but you're off in the assessment of the team. Hayes was a bit of an overpay, but if he is really worth all of 6.5 mil, what's the difference in the extra 600k. He fits much better on this team than any free agent on the market for what our needs were (strong 200 foot play, can play in all situations, good face off man, big body and hard to get off the puck), plus he is just only 27. His age when his contract expires will still be less than what Joe Pavelski (most people wanted him too) than how old he is right now. We are getting him in the prime of his career and he has only improved year in and year out. Hayes' familiarity with AV is also a positive and the learning curve should not be as big as it would be with other FA's coming in.

MoJo was not a good fit on this team, and definitely not someone who I would trust with 2nd line minutes. Hayes is a borderline 1b center at this time and as I mentioned he is only getting better and just now entering his prime.

Subban is not the answer either, our team couldn't prevent goals last year, we were average at scoring them. We needed defense, not more Dmen who could join the rush, which we already have plenty of. Plus that contract is ridiculous, and for someone who has had chronic injuries over his career, it's not a good gamble. I do love PK Subban and don't get me wrong would love him on my team, but NJ was definitely in better of a position to get him and keep him than we were, with our cap situation and our current defensemen. The names you mention are more flashy, but definitely not necessary.
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