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Forum: Armchair-GMNov 17 at 4:40
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Roscoe</b></div><div>You say-"Ghost now injury free, is a career 43pt season average, squeezed out in PHI. Hes still young and just 3 seasons removed from 65 pt year. Low Risk-High return possibly. Solid producer for a young squad."
You say about JVR. "Solid producing winger to play with youngsters."
In both of those statements I would ask if you believe that then why would you trade them? Furthermore, if Im the Kings and Devils Im thinking the same thing and therefor would believe that you are a snake oil salesman.

now the Tampa deal- You don't get Cernak for that deal let alone Johnson too. Also I still believe that Myers will not sign for that low price, he is getting at the very least 3.25 as is Cernak.

I will say I really like the idea of having Johnson, I think he would be perfect for that 3rd line center as I feel in my opinion Nolan Patrick will never play a full season if not ever.</div></div>

Yeah, not only are you off on your idea TB wouldn't say yes to that trade immediately, the other trades most likely do not happen so the cap space wouldn't be there.

additionally, Myers is not going to sign for 3.25-3.5 unless it's a longer term deal, around 4/5 years, which i don't think he does. he definitely does a bridge deal ala Sanheim for 2 years at a much lesser cap, maybe around 1.75/2 mil. If Stanley Cup champion and resurrection project Zach Bogosian only signs for 1 million, and you see the kinda contracts around the league that people are taking, higher short term deals, there's not shot that's what a bridge deal would be for Myers.
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 30 at 8:37
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 30 at 9:52
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 21 at 8:34
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dmh1055</b></div><div>The team is getting to a point where they need to have some faith that Patrick can be healthy and return. If he's healthy he's the 3C and they'd be hard pressed to find one with his talent level for that cap price. Since What/Ifs are always a part of the offseason, I would counter the Flyers are prepared for a scenario where Frost and Patrick are not ready or unavailable. The Flyers have 2 natural centers in Giroux and Laughton playing the wing. In the event 1 or both needs to move to center the Flyers have that ability. The team also has Raffl as a spare forward to enter the lineup on the wing. The Flyers have other youth options for 4th line center like Bunnaman or Rubstov as well.

I don't see Simmonds as a redundancy but as an actual need. If you watched the team play in the playoffs they had a real lack of net presence and layering to help shots get through from the point on the power play. Simmonds is an instant improvement in that regard. Pitlick is a nice player but as a UFA I suspect he'll be paid closer to $2 million per season which is tough number to give for a 4th liner PK specialist when the Flyers have many players who fill that role.

As far as having a "luxury" 5/6 defenseman, you have to look beyond this 1 season. Niskanen probably won't be back. Miller gives the Flyers a viable #4 RD at a reasonable cost in the 2nd year of his deal. The Flyers will have to sign Carter Hart after the 20-21 season.</div></div>

I agree about Patrick, but having faith in him and him actually doing it are two different things. We can believe anything we want but if this neurological issue ends up not going away, then that plan for Patrick is moot. We just have no idea right now. I know they have G and Laughton to play C, but they have proven over the last two years that they are best suited to wing. If we don't need to play them in a position that they are stat wise not best at, why do it? We have plenty of young bottom 6 players we can plug in, we do have Raffl who can play all over the line up sure, but that doesn't make us more "dynamic". The only way I see that happening with players under our control is if Patty resembles something like Hischier (compared to his draft class) at 3C and Frost turns into a bonafide top 6 sniper on the wing. That's what we need, we need a scorer on the wing, someone who will shoot first over our bevvy of pass first players. You're not gonna play Frost at 4C, and if Patty plays like his potential indicates, Frost isn't unseating Coots or Hayesy.

What then?

Again, we have younger, less expensive players already under contract that can bring what Simmonds can bring at his age, right now. The reason why he would be a liability is because how would he get to be able to have those net front presences if his underlying stats show he doesn't drive play? OK, so shelter him with OZ starts. But then you're taking valuable OZ time away from another forward who performs better in the now. The same reason you don't like Pitlick, because we already have those players, is the same reason why bringing Simmonds back makes no fiscal or technical sense, we have his type of player already under contract and our cap situation can't afford us add more money to it.

I am looking beyond this season, we still need to sign Myers, Hart, Sanheim, and then in a few years we need to sign Coots/Giroux/Laughts/Farabee/Frost etc etc, why would we keep a 5th/6th defenseman making 4 million when we have all those contracts to pay and no raise in salary cap??
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 21 at 8:23
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>ONE, im quoting back to march... where the lightning were absolutely lost as a team. they didnt really start slow after the layoff. Maybe during the regular season but thats what happens when youve got some vets. regardless. vasy had been giving up between 3 and 4 goals a game in the 7-8 starts before the season ended. they were losing games to bad teams, had no chemistry anywhere in the lineup. Injuries everywhere, guys were pretty obviously playing through some stuff during the march stretch as they were trying to catch boston for the 1 seed.

Comparing march to now is like comparing an apple to a gorilla. There is no similarity between August 1st and march 10th. Dallas stars were one of the worst teams in hockey based on the last 10 games as well as tampa when the season was cancelled. the 5 month layoff is longer than most playoff teams get to begin with. nevermind the fact that they literally disregard the ENTIRE seasons worth of games and decided seeding based on some BS 3 preseason roundrobin style games lol. Khudobin got hot during the summer, lightning scorers got hot in the summer and decided to play defense. Am i slighting tampa in any way saying they arent a good team? no. What i am saying is this "playoff" bears little to no resemblance of the regular season that took place because if it did tampa and dallas likely arent where they are today. Colorado philly st.louis vegas and boston were the 5 hottest teams going into the break. Lightning, stars, islanders, bluejackets, were 4 of the worst at the time.</div></div>

OK, I get all of that. But what says the hottest teams in March are the same teams that make it far? Remember TB last year? They cruised the whole year, got to the playoffs, and got swept. It's not about who is hot in March, it's about who gets hottest when the playoffs start. Isnt' that exactly what Dallas and TB did? Everyone has the same things going on around them, every team had the same situation that any other team did. Just as it is every year in the playoffs, whoever gets hot at the right time, whatever goalie gets hot at the right time, etc etc. What's the difference if the right time was the second week of April like normal or August 1st like this year?

TB also was the 2nd hottest team in 2020 so I don't know TBL team you were watching, they actually had an 11 game winning streak in February and a 10 game winning streak from late December into January. They're combined record in 2020 was 22-8-2, which is a 117 point pace over a full season. Are you sure about that?

And Vasy over his last 17 games had only 3 games where he let in more than 3 goals. he also had a .948 sv% in January and a .917 sv% in Feb and March. Idk what you're looking at man.

But one last thing, since when does any playoff resemble what happens in the RS??? When was the last presidents trophy team to win a SC? That's why hockey is great, you never know who's gonna win, it's all about getting hot at the right time. What does anything have to do with who was hot in march and who wasn't?? It's all about who gets hot at the right time, and they did!