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Forum: Armchair-GM22 hours ago
Thread: Move Coming
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>kscoop</b></div><div>If you break down the trade:

Heinen for Toffoli

Lauzon + Shen + 2nd for Martinez

Toffoli is gone after this year and Heinen is a cost controlled good NHL player (Kings would accept)

Lauzon is an NHL dman and could be playing right now if not for the log jam at LD in Boston. Shen is a decent prospect + 2nd round pick for a 32 year old dman who I like btw. (Kings accept)

I like the thought process here but I still rather go big game hunting although this deal makes the Bruins very good.</div></div>

I don't think the Kings would go for this.

Toffoli is most certainly not gone at the end of the season. He's having a resurgent year and I think the Kings might look to re-sign him. However, it would be hard to pass on getting a trade haul for him, so I think they might target a team that's looking to take on a rental, then bring him back to LA in the summer.

The Kings very much want Seattle to take a goaltender in the expansion draft next summer. Petersen is going to be protected, leaving Quick and Campbell in the pipeline for the taking. Obviously the Kings would prefer that Seattle take Quick (he would be the face of the franchise, much like Fleury was in Vegas), but it's much more likely that they would take Campbell. Adding another player to the mix that would require protection would jam up those plans.

The Kings target in a trade would be Lauko, IMO. Boston could throw in Heinen if they needed a cap dump, but he wouldn't add significant value to the trade. Boston would be better off trading him elsewhere for an asset.

Make it a 2020 + 2021 2nd, Lauko, and Shen and the Kings would probably go for it. They'd even retain 50% on both players to help make the cap work.