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May 2, 2016
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Kings fan since 1986. Season ticket holder since 2011.
Forum: Armchair-GM10 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>Lol. We’ll see. I doubt it though. I would be willing to bet a lot of money Kings dont make or even compete for a play-off spot next season. I would bet a lot of money they arnt .500

The 90’s kings were ok. They had Gretzky/Luc R and played in a very poor division. West Coast hockey was horrible still in the 90s. They were ok. Not a good franchise.

Good prospects on paper now and highly ranked prospect system, but questionable team building IMO. I just don’t see it coming together.</div></div>

The early 90s Kings played in a division with the Nieuwendyk/Fleury/MacInnis led Calgary Flames, and the All-Star heavy Vancouver Canucks (Bure, Ronning, Courtnall, Linden, Nedved). The only "bad" team in the division was the San Jose Sharks since they were an expansion team and didn't have the favorable expansion rules that Vegas and Seattle have.

You are literally the only person to think that the Kings have "questionable team building." Blake and Yannetti have done an exceptional job building this team. The Kings goaltending and defensive development pipeline is second to none, and they have more offensive talent in the pipeline than they know what to do with. Beginning next season, they'll start packaging some of those quality prospects together to bring in guys in their prime to fill gaps in the roster, most notably at 1LD and top-six wing.

If you can't see it, you should look into getting some glasses.
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