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Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsJun. 9, 2021 at 12:17 a.m.
These are the only players that have averaged above 1.10 PTS/GAME over the last 3 seasons

Player GP P P/GP
Connor McDavid 198 318 1.61
Leon Draisaitl 209 299 1.43
Nikita Kucherov 150 213 1.42
Nathan MacKinnon 199 257 1.29
Brad Marchand 202 256 1.27
Artemi Panarin 190 240 1.26
Patrick Kane 207 260 1.26
David Pastrnak 184 224 1.22
Sidney Crosby 175 209 1.19
Mitchell Marner 196 228 1.16
Mikko Rantanen 168 194 1.15
Auston Matthews 190 219 1.15
Jonathan Huberdeau 206 231 1.12
Steven Stamkos 177 198 1.12
Evgeni Malkin 156 174 1.12

Would you trade any of these players if you were a contender?

Of course his CAP HIT should be considered, so using the cost per point tool on this site, I took all forwards expiring UFA standard contracts that scored more than 20 points and using a python script found that his cost per point fell into the 65 percentile group, alongside these names.

Marner, Mitchell 23 Stnd UFA 10903000 109149 65
Kane, Patrick 32 Stnd UFA 10500000 108647 65
Tatar, Tomas 30 Stnd UFA 5300000 107723 65
Nugent-Hopkins, Ryan 27 Stnd UFA 6000000 108710 65
Bonino, Nick 32 Stnd UFA 4100000 105769 65
Niederreiter, Nino 28 Stnd UFA 5250000 105451 65

So yes he may be a little overpaid, but he is just 23 and still improving year over year

So the next time you see someone on this site flaming Marner as if his contract is a burden, keep these stats in mind.

For those that'll say it's not all about points, Marner is one of the most effective penalty killers in the league and is always put out in the dying minutes of games to protect leads.
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Forum: Armchair-GMApr. 27, 2019 at 10:12 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>:shakehead :shakehead I never understand this logic. Expect a team to take Zaitsev and his 4.5m and somehow the Leafs are able to sign Hainsey for 1m and Heed for under a 1m. If Heed is a competent NHLer he gets way more than 1m. Wouldn't Dallas be much better off signing Heed and Hainsey for 4m total instead of taking Zaitsev if all three players are NHL competent, never mind Hainsey and Heed getting paid properly. So though Zaitsev is close go 4.5m player his salary and term doesn't make him a practical trade without taking money back in trade.
I can see Brown being traded but the Leaf don't save that much in cap space by trading him, because you still have pay his replacement.
I'll just never understand why so many are afraid of trading Nylander and his 7m cap hit, instead of skirting around the edges with Zaitsev, Brown trades.

Sorry about the rant...but I just think these Zaitsev trades are so impractical.</div></div>

You definitely have some good points here. Hainsey would probably not sign for 1 mil x 1 year, my point is that its the only contract I would sign him too, otherwise we find somebody else in free agency that cost between 1.5-2.5 mil. As for Heed, 1m-1.5m is probably realistic for a guy that gets scratched a lot. But San Jose definitely undervalues him and has major cap issues in the offseason too, so I don't think they'll be able to resign him.

The focus of the post really wasn't about the trades, more of what the end result of all the offseason might look like. I realistically have no idea what Zaitsev's trade value is on the trade market, but I do think it's higher than a lot of people on this site think.... But I do want to get rid of him

As for Nylander, I'll die on the hill defending him, I'd rather trade Kadri than him. I'm just positive we haven't seen it all from him yet.
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