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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KMMHL2012</b></div><div>The Anaheim ducks are also paying Shattenkirk $3.9M to do what Barrie does. Colorado is paying Toews $4.1M to do significantly more than Barrie does. Arizona is paying Chychrun $4.6M to do significantly more as well.

We can all cherry pick contracts to make a point.

I agree the cap will go up, but Mcleod and especially Bouchards salary will outgrow the cap in the immediate future.

Barrie disappears in the playoffs, he's not a guy you can win with, just like Mike Green, after being swept by Colorado, they need defensive depth to make the difference and be a legit contender, not another guy who contributes half his assists as secondary assists, or half his points come on the PP.

To take the next step, Edmonton needs a shutdown guy who can contribute 20 points more than they need Barrie throwing up 20 secondary assists a season.</div></div>

Its been six years since Shattenkirk produced offense like Barrie has. Toews is far from the top offensive d-man in Colorado, Barrie was the top guy in Edmonton when he signed his contract, and his production was right there with Bouchard's last season. Chychrun had one NHL season in which he scored anywhere near the level that Barrie has scored at through his career.

Kilingberg signed his contract this past summer, his career numbers closely resemble Barrie's, and they have played the same roles through most of their respective careers. If you're going to cherry pick, do a better job of it.
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That Edmonton trade... Yeesh. Maybe, if training camp performances justify it, trading Foegele for late 2nd or a 3rd round draft pick makes sense. But:

Hoffman = left-handed, one-dimensional forward. Finished last season with 35 pts and -24. Will be 5-years past his prime come November 24, and is quite obviously in decline.

Barrie = offensive RHD, with near-elite power play driving ability. Finished last season at 41 pts and +3. Celebrated his 31st birthday on July 26, and is currently about 2 years past the age considered prime for NHL defensemen. Despite reduced playing time, his production has remained consistent with his career averages. That suggests he is not yet in decline.

The Oilers have a plethora of LH forwards, their top 6 forwards are very strong and the team has been among the NHL's most offensively productive. Hoffman doesn't kill penalties or take face-offs, and he would not be part of the 1PP. He offers Edmonton nothing they don't already have, and nothing that they might still need. Tyson Barrie happens to be a RHD, a highly valued commodity in today's NHL. Pair him with a defensively sound partner and his team will own shot shares and outscore the opposition while he is on the ice. Don't believe me, well then take a look at the numbers Barrie put up while paired with Kulak in a waning days of last season and through Edmonton's playoff run.

Adding the 2024 58-64 overall draft pick is probably a bit rich for Warren Foegele, but no so rich that it makes up the difference between Mike Hoffman and Tyson Barrie. No, I see no logic to support Hoffman for Barrie.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheRealisticGuy</b></div><div>MTL don’t even consider
We won’t retain on Hoffman
We like Wideman
We have no room for Koekkoek and Desharnais
The only trade possible for Barrie is Hoffman vs Barrie straight up</div></div>

Habs fans may turn their noses up at the suggestion Tyson Barrie might be a valuable addition to their favorite team; that's fair, we are all entitled to have an opinion.

I take some issue with your valuation of Barrie and Hoffman though, it seems to be a bit off. I appreciate that the Habs cap issues are similar to Edmonton's, so it makes sense that you'd want to see an equal exchange of salaries, but Hoffman is a one-dimensional forward on the decline, much closer to a pure cap dump than Barrie is. Barrie is an offensive RD, he's not a strong defender but he continues to deliver near-elite level performance as a power play quarterback and is better than average in support of the transition game; he still offers good value. Don't believe me? Have a close look at the numbers John Klingberg has posted over his career and compare them to Tyson Barrie's. Klingberg just signed a 1-year, $7M contract with the Ducks, Barrie's AAV is $4.5M for each of the next two seasons. As an Oiler fan, I'd be happy with a swap of Barrie and Savard. Why? Because the only reasons Tyson Barrie is discussed as a trade option is because Evan Bouchard looks like he's also an elite PP QB, and the Oilers have some cap issues. Still, I appreciate that such a trade isn't going to receive support from Habs fans.

I don't know that the Canadiens are interested in Barrie, but if they are, and if salaries exchanged need to be balanced, then Montreal will either have to package a couple of less costly players, or perhaps send a lower AAV with a slightly longer term. In either case, those players would have to be capable of providing Edmonton with effective depth within the bottom six forwards.
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