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Holland doesn't have a lot of money to play with. He seems to have done a fine job signing Puljujarvi and Turris, and those were his top priorities. J.P.'s term was a bit of a surprise, and his salary in keeping with what many expected. The AAV allocated to Turris might turn out to represent outstanding value for a 3C. Still both contracts erode cap space and so there is less money left to get Bear under contract, find another NHL goaltender, and perhaps add some veteran defence to shore up the unit in Klefbom's absence. The top-tier goalies were out of Edmonton's price range, and are probably not exactly what the Oilers absolutely need. It would have been nice to bring in a true starting goalie, but a solid veteran to share the load with Koskinen is probably going to have to be good enough. Evidently, $3.9M x 2 was enough for Crawford to go to a rebuilding team, so I wonder whether that was too rich for the Oilers. If not, then perhaps Holland should go for the throat and offer Chiasson (50% retained) to Vegas in exchange for Fluery (50% retained) and next year's 2nd round pick. That gives him a proven goaltender with two years remaining under contract. Vegas need cap space and apparently nobody is willing to help them out with their current ask. The hit to Edmonton is an AAV increase of $2,425,000 this season, and $3,500,000 next season, but they get a second round pick back. Vegas clears $2,425,000 in AAV this year, and $3,500,000 next year, and they give up one of their two 2021 2nd round picks; they can try to flip Chiasson for a draft pick, and clear additional space for this coming season. Even better, offer Khaira, rather than Chiasson.
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Thread: Oilers
The pressure to win now is a bit artificial, and has been exacerbated by the strong showing the team had in the last regular season. I have a difficult time believing Holland will completely abandon the strategy he has had in place since arriving in Edmonton. I am confident that finding someone to share the crease with Koskinen, a 3C, and either signing Athanasiou to an affordable contract or finding other options to play with McDavid rank higher for Holland than tinkering with the defence. Although Edmonton doesn't currently have a true #1 d-man, I believe the noise regarding OEL is way off base and that Holland is targeting potential changes in the bottom pair and 7th man rather than the top 4.

Larsson may be showing signs of decline at a relatively early age but he's still a decent top-4 RHD and he's on an expiring contract. Klefbom and Nurse are Edmonton's top two d-men. Klefbom is entering those years when NHL d-men tend to hit their prime, Nurse has a couple of seasons to go before reaching that stage. Bear, if he can continue to improve, can only be seen as a very pleasant surprise and decent second-pair RHD. Jones is a better skater and is more athletic, and he may surpass Bear if he can have a similar break out this season. Lagesson is a younger left-handed version of Larsson, Bouchard is ready for more NHL time, Broberg is playing the role of a #1 d-man in the SHL, Samorukov has had a strong start to his KHL season, Kesselring seems to get better and better, Kemp is no slouch, and there are a slew of older European prospects playing pro hockey in Sweden and Finland as well.
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