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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KDow88</b></div><div>I understand the asset management part, but the one thing you're not grasping for that argument, should Benson be the extra Forward, how is he getting better as the 13/14th forward who would only see the lineup in limited minutes, when he's SUPPOSED to be looked at as more of an offensive guy, you're just diminishing the asset to be nothing but a waiver guy who another team MAY or may not want to take a chance on for free... Again, I would love nothing more than to see both guys in the top 9 but it's looking more and more grimm unless one of the wingers in the top 6 gets dealt and/or Turris does...</div></div>

Benson's predicament is not a new development, he has been an iffy proposition from the moment he was drafted. The Oilers bet that he might overcome his history of injury and become a middle-six scoring forward in the NHL. Instead, he's at risk of being labelled a tweener simply because he has been a high-scoring talent in the past, a leading scorer in the AHL, and a young player who has struggled to have an impact in the very few NHL games he's played so far. Another season in the AHL is unlikely to change Benson's lot, he's pretty much plateaued in his development at that level. I see no harm in giving him more time practicing and competing at the NHL level, doing so will give him more exposure and experience, and allow him to become more comfortable in a bottom six role. If he can provide some depth scoring then great. If he continues to struggle then perhaps its time to shop him for whatever return can be had, or take the risk of losing him on the waiver wire. McLeod has more room for improvement than Benson does right now. He can get tons of ice time in Bakersfield and focus on developing a more assertive style of play. That is what's missing in McLeod's game, and if he can address that deficiency he will quickly solidify himself as an Oiler once he is recalled.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Petey232323</b></div><div>meh. Sceviour is a good defensive forward. Marody was one of, if not the best player in the AHL last year. Both of those guys also have a higher xgpm/60 in the bigs than Kassian. Playing him in the top 6 would be a huge mistake. Taking away playing time from younger and better players.</div></div>

The PTO for Sceviour is pretty typical of Ken Holland. He's a low risk depth option whose presence should motivate the other depth players attending camp. His performance during camp will determine his fate, whether with the Oilers or some other team. Marody, like Benson, has been a top prospect for some time and is now entering a defining year. Both of those guys have one-year, two-way contracts and neither is waiver exempt. If Marody doesn't make the team coming out of the preseason, then he will probably be expected to perform the role of veteran AHL mentor for younger prospects. If he does get a call up, he might be lost to a waiver claim. I think Holloway's absence will have some impact on the futures of both Benson and Marody. Kassian is an enigmatic player, and fans seem to be polarized in their view of his role and value to the team. He is a candidate for a top six roster spot, and unless Tippet decides to move Hyman to RW and drop Puljujarvi down the lineup a bit, Kassian's competition is Yamamoto and perhaps Foegele. Yamamoto wins if he can rekindle his January to March 2020 performance. Otherwise, a motivated Kassian is a much better option and Tippett can roll a 3rd line comprised of Foegele, Ryan, and Yamamoto. Of course Turris might surprise as well, but I think he might slot in with McLeod if he makes the team. It makes sense to me that Tippett might want a veteran right handed centre to support a rookie left handed centre in a depth position. I'm no expert though, and this is all one fan's opinion.
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