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Look, <a href="/users/pharrow" target="_blank">@pharrow</a>, that is not a valid plan my guy. First of all, Murray is NOT a sure thing right now. If not for DeSmith last year we don't even make the playoffs. He is insurance and he is WAY better than Jarry at this moment. It's not even close actually. They gave Jarry that contract because they thought he would be better than he is at this point in his career.

To clear cap space (which should have been done before July 1st so we could have gotten some legit FAs, but that's another topic), they have to either BUY OUT Johnson's garbage deal, or trade Rust/Bjugstad. Those moves would have better served the team earlier in the summer, but since GMJR is a bumbling scrub at this point in his career, he failed to pull the trigger in time to sign anybody that would move the needle. The Tanev deal was the worst signing of the summer so far and it was his only dip into a tremendous FA class. This deal for ZAR is actually fine all around, but GMJR has left himself with no cap room to actually improve the team.

Deal I like the most? Rust for Honka. Pettersson is a MUST sign at this point with absolutely no help being signed or traded for on the back end. He could be the most important signing of the entire offseason now, tbh.

But DeSmith is the back up right now 100%. Which Murray will start this season, the good one or the one who let's up endless soft goals? If it's the latter we NEED someone back there who can win games. Casey has proven that.