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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LeafsFanForSomeReason</b></div><div>Yes, the Zaitsev signing was terrible.

Marleau signing was also stupid. It drove me crazy to hear Lou say that when they signed the deal, they knew the 3rd year was going to be a problem.

Letting go of McElhinney was the right move at the time. He was in his mid 30's and had just played the best hockey of his life. What were the odds that he would keep it up? Now, I did not believe in Sparks for one second. Even watching him in the AHL, it looked unlikely that he would be able to translate that style to the NHL. However that was a completely reasonable decision. Hindsight is 20/20.

Kadri traded himself after being a complete knucklehead in two consecutive playoffs. You needed RD and a replacement center. Obviously everything hasn't panned out the way we'd all like, but again, hindsight. Kadri made himself the expendable piece.

If either of those contracts for Matthews and Marner were available, that's what they would be signed to.

That Robertson trade is awful for the Leafs

That Johnsson trade is awful for the Sabres.</div></div>

tbh i think the kadri getting traded because he got suspended isa a little overblown, hes a solid center on a great contract which made him expendable, they also traded a surplus for a need, i think the way it worked out sure seemed like it was cause of the suspension. also debrusk should have been kicked out of that game earlier for that knee. if that happened the kadri thing wouldnt have happaned lol
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