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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>As far as my two crummy local teams are concerned, I'm hoping Anaheim gets Clarke or Hughes and Los Angeles gets Lysell or Guenther. But as long as we get two of the four, I think I'll be happy.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>I think Power/Beniers will be 1-2, and then it’s a toss up between Hughes/Clarke/Guenther/Eklund for the next 4. Then Johnson/Lambos/Edvinsson/Sillinger/Raty/Lysell/Wallstedt for the third tier (with Johnson/Edvinsson near the top of the tier and Wallstedt likely slipping later in the tier because goalie). But I haven’t done my usual deep dive yet lol. Hoping the Sens get Beniers, Eklund, or Guenther, although if we somehow end up with pick 6 or 7 somehow I’d settle for Johnson or Clarke I guess. I hope the Flames get one of the forwards in that 3rd tier. Distinct lack of size in this draft class outside of Power/Edvinsson, especially up front. There might be one forward above 6’1” that goes in the first round lol, and it’s Ceulemans who is 6’2”</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howisjulienstillhere</b></div><div>I’d say Räty has very high potential. Good size, skill and defence. He just can’t seem to put it together.
Sillinger and mctavish are awesome outside the top 10
Edvinsson is far from a safe pick, he’s a good skater and tall, but he gets lost a lot and his passing is atrocious. Beniers is a safe pick based on his high floor. But he doesn’t have a tremendously high ceiling.

Lysell is so fun to watch. Although hasn’t put up the points.

Still trying to find a physical beast. Any prospects come to mind?</div></div>

Ive just rated Raty low due to the fact that its been years that he cant put it together. We see other prospect were Raty used to be; Wright, Lambert, Savoie, Bedard (youngest of this group). They all have been put under a microscope from the age of 13-16 and it only continues. Raty was in the same situation and yet he's done nothing whereas other talents develop and blossom.

Doesn't mean Raty cant put it together as you said (which leads to high potential). But for me basically years of not developing is worrying and that makes him a low potential. But I get what you mean.

I love Sillinger and think hes gonna be a steal. I put Evidinsson as safe because I think he's gonna obviously fall due to being a DFD. I think he'll be a good top 4 D but not a top 2 D and at worst he'll be a okay 2nd pair guy. Thats what I mean by safe for him - he'll make the NHL but without a boom or bust; just a "okay".

I love Beniers as he gives that Barzal vibe. But yeah I think Beniers is similar to Evidinsson in my eyes as; Beniers is going to be good. But he wont be a superstar I think. Which leads to the superstars for me.

Kent Johnson

Those guys I see becoming stars. Obviously not all of them will; and some of them bust. Making you regret not drafting Hughes or Beniers for example.
But in the wingers Lysell Gueunther (maybe Johnson) = I see a lot of chance that they'll become dynamic players that'll be huge impact stars.
Johnson I love, I think he's really exciting. Powers is either gonna become Griffin Reinhart lol; or Hedman (I know people hate that comparison). I think Clarke is gonna fly under the radar and be a steal no matter what. Whereas Lambos is more of a project - but he could develop into a really exciting one.
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I personally don't see how management does not view the team in disarray.

Kane - Good but getting old
Couture - Good but getting old
Burns - Already declining but still good (but STILL OLD)
Karlsson - Shell of his former self with flashes of brilliance and flashes of horror (and getting old)
Hertl - Great but doesn't fit a timeline to be utilized fully
Meier - Young but not a gamebreaker
Labanc - Young but not a gamebreaker

All these mentioned pieces above are movable assets (with Karlsson and Couture unlikely to ever be moved for differing reasons). Kane is still tradeable, Burns could be on Seattle - if not we could part with incentives (like Donato and a pick (like a 2nd)). Now all things considered;

Kane, Karlsson, Meier, Couture stay with the Sharks.

Sell Hertl high - as this past TDL; he would have been sold for high. A basically blue chip prospect and a first maybe a small add too (maybe even MORE) would easily have been returned at 50% retention for two playoff runs with Hertl at a 2.6m AAV. I will die on this hill.

Sell Labanc - additionally at this past TDL or coming Draft day I see him fetching either a pair of 2nds and a prospect. If not, a first and a prospect of value (but nothing crazy special).

Next you send Burns, Donato, a 2nd, and maybe an additional asset or a conditional asset to Seattle. Shoot me if you want; but I'd think Burns, Gregor, Donato, 2022 2nd would have Burns as a Kraken.

This leaves you with (simplified):

2021 Firsts = 2 (ours plus Hertls) = <strong>Let's just assume we draft Owen Powers early, and Sillinger/ Lambos mid round.</strong>
2021 2nd and a 2022 2nd = Labanc trade = <strong>Lets say we get Corson Ceulemans with the 2021 pick.</strong>
A New Top Prospect <strong>(lets use Boldy or Newhook as prospect type value for this scenario, Hertl Trade)</strong>
A New Good Prospect <strong>(lets use Bellows or Logan Brown prospect type as an example from the Labanc Trade)</strong>

Sprinkle in the other moves plus those for mid round picks and you have 5 QUALITY new prospect invigorating the Sharks Prospect Pool. Even being modest (reducing Labanc + Hertl returns), make it only Ceulemans and Bellows for Labanc &amp; Newhook and Lambos for Hertl no other adds. Thats still quality. Add those pieces too Bordeleau, Merkley, Melnichuk, Korenar, Ferraro, Leonard, Knyzhov, Hatakka, Kniazev, Guschin, Balcers, and Gambrell and that is a supringsly bright team in 2 seasons assuming things just go well (if things went amazing than it honestly could be much brighter) + Meier in his prime with Couture and Kane still usable and Karlsson still playing. Add in our 2022 Pick likely being early (Lambert, Lavoie, or Wright) - and thats quite literally a successful transition within this seasons TDL -&gt; start of 2022-23.

I do not want to hate on the Sharks - as the reason were in this situation was because as a franchise, the Sharks competed for basically 20 years straight - being a cup contender for a major amount of time. Doug Wilson has the most wins as a GM since 2003 (over 750). They did all they could and more to field a dominate team. Even near the end; as we all can hate it - the Karlsson trade was to WIN a cup. Not to be winning a Norris is 2022. But to win the cup when he was acquired. So even until the very end the team did all they could (and STILL ARE BECAUSE WE ARENT REBUILDING) to give the Sharks a chance to win.

But its about time to call it quits. Because rebuilding now may hurt for a little bit - but being forced to rebuild in 2 years or so when its way too late is going to hurt for YEARS.
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