Draft Class

Round 1

1Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Mario LemieuxCanadaC-
2Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Kirk MullerCanadaC-
3Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Ed OlczykUnited StatesC-
4Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Al Iafrate-
5Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Petr Svoboda-
6Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the chicago_blackhawksCraig Redmond-
7Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Shawn Burr-
8Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the st_louise_blues_67_84Shayne CorsonCanadaLW-
9Logo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsLogo of the original_winnipeg_jets_79_90Doug Bodger-
10Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-J.J. Daigneault-
11Logo of the Hartford WhalersLogo of the montreal_canadiensSylvain Cote-
12Logo of the Calgary Flames-Gary RobertsCanadaLW-
13Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-David Quinn-
14Logo of the New York Rangers-Terry Carkner-
15Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Trevor Stienburg-
16Logo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsLogo of the philadelphia_flyersRoger Belanger-
17Logo of the Washington Capitals-Kevin Hatcher-
18Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Mikael Andersson-
19Logo of the Boston Bruins-Dave Pasin-
20Logo of the New York Islanders-Duncan MacPherson-
21Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Selmar Odelein-

Round 2

22Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the pittsburgh_penguinsGreg Smyth-
23Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Craig Billington-
24Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Brian Wilks-
25Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Todd Gill-
26Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Brian BenningCanadaD-
27Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the chicago_blackhawksScott Mellanby-
28Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Doug Houda-
29Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the st_louise_blues_67_84Stéphane RicherCanadaLW-
30Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Peter Douris-
31Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Jeff Rohlicek-
32Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the montreal_canadiensTony Hrkac-
33Logo of the Calgary Flames-Ken Sabourin-
34Logo of the Washington CapitalsLogo of the minnesota_north_starsSteve Leach-
35Logo of the New York Rangers-Raimo Helminen-
36Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Jeff Brown-
37Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Jeff ChychrunCanadaD-
38Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the washington_capitals_74_95Paul Ranheim-
39Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Doug Trapp-
40Logo of the Boston Bruins-Ray Podloski-
41Logo of the New York Islanders-Bruce Melanson-
42Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Daryl Reaugh-

Round 3

43Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the pittsburgh_penguinsDave McLay-
44Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Neil Davey-
45Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Trent Yawney-
46Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the toronto_maple_leafs_88_16Ken Hodge-
47Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92John Stevens-
48Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the chicago_blackhawksJohn English-
49Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Milan Chalupa-
50Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Toby Ducolon-
51Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the original_winnipeg_jets_79_90Patrick RoyCanadaG-
52Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-David Saunders-
53Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the montreal_canadiensRobert Dirk-
54Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the calgary_flamesGraeme Bonar-
55Logo of the Vancouver CanucksLogo of the minnesota_north_starsLandis Chaulk-
56Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the new_york_rangersAlan Perry-
57Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Steven Finn-
58Logo of the Vancouver CanucksLogo of the philadelphia_flyersMike Stevens-
59Logo of the Washington Capitals-Michal Pivonka-
60Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Ray Sheppard-
61Logo of the Boston Bruins-Jeff Cornelius-
62Logo of the New York Islanders-Jeff Norton-
63Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Todd Norman-

Round 4

64Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Mark Teevens-
65Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Lee Brodeur-
66Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Tom Eriksson-
67Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Jeff ReeseCanadaG-
68Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Chris Mills-
69Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the chicago_blackhawksTom Glavine-
70Logo of the New York IslandersLogo of the detroit_red_wingsDoug Wieck-
71Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Graham Herring-
72Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Sean Clement-
73Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Brian Bertuzzi-
74Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the montreal_canadiensPaul Ysebaert-
75Logo of the Calgary Flames-Petr Rosol-
76Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Miroslav Maly-
77Logo of the New York Rangers-Paul Broten-
78Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Terry Perkins-
79Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-David Hanson-
80Logo of the Washington Capitals-Kris King-
81Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Bob Halkidis-
82Logo of the Boston Bruins-Bob Joyce-
83Logo of the New York Islanders-Ari Haanpaa-
84Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Richard Novak-

Round 5

85Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Arto Javanainen-
86Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Jon Morris-
87Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-David Grannis-
88Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Jack CapuanoUnited StatesD-
89Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Jiri Poner-
90Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Timo Lehkonen-
91Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Mats Lundstrom-
92Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Scott Paluch-
93Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Scott Schneider-
94Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Brett MacDonald-
95Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Gerry Johannson-
96Logo of the Calgary Flames-Joel Paunio-
97Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Kari Takko-
98Logo of the New York Rangers-Clark Donatelli-
99Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the quebec_nordiquesBrent Severyn-
100Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Brian Dobbin-
101Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the washington_capitals_74_95Darin Sceviour-
102Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Joe Rampton-
103Logo of the Boston Bruins-Mike Bishop-
104Logo of the New York Islanders-Mike Murray-
105Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Rick Lambert-

Round 6

106Logo of the Edmonton OilersLogo of the pittsburgh_penguinsEmanuel Viveiros-
107Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Kirk McLean-
108Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Greg Strome-
109Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Fabian Joseph-
110Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Mike Millar-
111Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Chris Clifford-
112Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Randy Hansch-
113Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Steve Tuttle-
114Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Gary Lorden-
115Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Jeff Korchinski-
116Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Jim Nesich-
117Logo of the Calgary Flames-Brett HullUnited StatesRW-
118Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Gary McColgan-
119Logo of the New York Rangers-Kjell SamuelssonSwedenD-
120Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Darren Cota-
121Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-John Dzikowski-
122Logo of the Washington Capitals-Vito Cramarossa-
123Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-James Gasseau-
124Logo of the Boston Bruins-Randy Oswald-
125Logo of the New York Islanders-Jim Wilharm-
126Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Ivan Dornic-

Round 7

127Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Tom Ryan-
128Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Ian Ferguson-
129Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Tim Hanley-
130Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Joe MacInnis-
131Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Mike Vellucci-
132Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Mike Stapleton-
133Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Stefan Larsson-
134Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Cliff RonningCanadaC-
135Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Luciano Borsato-
136Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Blaine Chrest-
137Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Scott MacTavish-
138Logo of the Calgary Flames-Kevan Melrose-
139Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Vladimir Kyhos-
140Logo of the New York Rangers-Tom Hussey-
141Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Henrik Cedergren-
142Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Tom Allen-
143Logo of the Washington Capitals-Timo Iljina-
144Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Darcy Wakaluk-
145Logo of the Boston Bruins-Mark Thietke-
146Logo of the New York Islanders-Kelly Murphy-
147Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Heikki Riihijarvi-

Round 8

148Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the pittsburgh_penguinsDon Porter-
149Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Vladimir Kames-
150Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Shannon Deegan-
151Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Derek Laxdal-
152Logo of the Detroit Red WingsLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Lars Karlsson-
153Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Glenn Greenough-
154Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Urban Nordin-
155Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Jim Vesey-
156Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Brad Jones-
157Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Jim Agnew-
158Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Brad McCaughey-
159Logo of the Calgary Flames-Jiri Hrdina-
160Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Darin McInnis-
161Logo of the New York Rangers-Brian Nelson-
162Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Jyrki Maki-
163Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Luke Vitale-
164Logo of the Washington Capitals-Frank Joo-
165Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Orwar Stambert-
166Logo of the Boston Bruins-Don Sweeney-
167Logo of the New York Islanders-Franco De Santis-
168Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Todd Ewen-

Round 9

169Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-John Del Col-
170Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Mike Roth-
171Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Luc RobitailleCanadaLW-
172Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Dan Turner-
173Logo of the Hartford Whalers-John Devereaux-
174Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Ralph DiFiori-
175Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Bill Shibicky-
176Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Daniel Jomphe-
177Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Gord Whitaker-
178Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Rex Grant-
179Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Eric Demers-
180Logo of the Calgary Flames-Gary SuterUnited StatesLD-
181Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Duane Wahlin-
182Logo of the New York Rangers-Ville Kentala-
183Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Guy Ouellette-
184Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Billy Powers-
185Logo of the Washington Capitals-Jim Thomson-
Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Eric WeinrichUnited StatesLD-
Invalid claim: Draft pick was revoked because Weinrich was born after the cutoff date of Sept 15, 1966, and was therefore too young for the 1984 entry draft. He was later drafted in the 1985 entry draft.
186Logo of the Boston Bruins-Kevin Heffernan-
187Logo of the New York Islanders-Tom Warden-
188Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the edmonton_oilersHeinz Ehlers-

Round 10

189Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Steve Hurt-
190Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Mike Peluso-
191Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Jeff Crossman-
192Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-David Buckley-
193Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Brent Regan-
194Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Joakim Persson-
195Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Jay Rose-
196Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Tom Tilley-
197Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Rick Forst-
198Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Ed Lowney-
199Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Ron Annear-
200Logo of the Calgary Flames-Petr Rucka-
201Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Mike Orn-
202Logo of the New York Rangers-Kevin Miller-
203Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Ken Quinney-
204Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Daryn Fersovich-
205Logo of the Washington Capitals-Paul Cavallini-
206Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Brian McKinnon-
207Logo of the Boston Bruins-John Urbanic-
208Logo of the New York Islanders-David Volek-
209Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Joel Curtis-

Round 11

210Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Jim Steen-
211Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Jarkko Piiparinen-
212Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Paul Kenny-
213Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Mike Wurst-
214Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Jim Culhane-
215Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Bill Brown-
216Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Tim Kaiser-
217Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Mark Cupolo-
218Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Mike Warus-
219Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Doug Clarke-
220Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-David Tanner-
221Logo of the Calgary Flames-Stefan Jonsson-
222Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Tom Terwilliger-
223Logo of the New York Rangers-Tom Lorentz-
224Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the quebec_nordiquesDavid Mackey-
Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers---
Invalid Claim- Picked Petr Rucka who had been previously selected.
225Logo of the Washington Capitals-Mikhail Tatarinov-
226Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Grant Delcourt-
227Logo of the Boston Bruins-Bill Kopecky-
228Logo of the New York Islanders-Russ Becker-
229Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Simon Wheeldon-

Round 12

230Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Mark Ziliotto-
231Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Chris Kiene-
232Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Brian Martin-
233Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Peter Slanina-
234Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Peter Abric-
235Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Dan Williams-
236Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Tom Nickolau-
237Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Mark Lanigan-
238Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Jim Edmands-
239Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Ed Kister-
240Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Troy Crosby-
241Logo of the Calgary Flames-Rudolf Suchanek-
242Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Mike Nightengale-
243Logo of the New York Rangers-Scott Brower-
244Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Peter Loob-
245Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Juraj Bakos-
246Logo of the Washington Capitals-Per Schedrin-
247Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Sean Baker-
248Logo of the Boston Bruins-Jim Newhouse-
249Logo of the New York Islanders-Allister Brown-
250Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Darren Gani-