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Murray to TOR

has dubas lost his mind?
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Jul. 11 at 7:17 p.m.
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pretty much waiting for the sens and leafs to finally kiss

what yall think the trade is looking like?

Hoping its Murray @ 50% retained for Holl + Kerfoot + Picks
Jul. 11 at 11:57 p.m.
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Murray for 25% discount and we get two picks.... 2023 3rd rounder and 2024 7th.
It's a gamble and if anyone thinks it's a bad one, well- that's the reason you have a day job and have no career in hockey management.
Murray started off well with Ottawa and put up good numbers until the wheels fell off. That needs to be understood as "wheels fell off on a TEAM where the expectations were higher and THE WHEELS FELL OFF the entire team". No goaltender could have saved that debacle.
I'll take Murray over Mrazek anyday.
Considering that Murrays cap hit is going to be lower than what it would have been to keep Campbell, this is a better deal. It also includes two bonus draft picks.
I expect to see some salary moved out from Toronto - possibly Kerrfoot, maybe Muzzin.
For the naysayers - you ain't seen nothing yet. I think Dubas is going to create some headaches for all of you... LOL.
More changes coming.
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