Jett Luchanko Scouting Report

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Created: Mar. 23, 2024
Updated: Mar. 27, 2024
Talent Type: Amateur
Position scouted: Right Wing
Age when scouted: 17
Projection: Second Line
Trending: Future Prospect
Birthday: Aug. 21, 2006
Height: 5' 10 | 180 cm
Weight: 185 lbs | 84 kg
Luchanko brings more than just offense. He's a player that can be relied upon in a variety of roles.
Deployed in all situations for the Guelph Storm. Listed as a winger but he plays the majority of his shifts in the middle.
On the PP he slots into a role as a PP QB / Distributor / Shooter / Playmaker on the point and leads the breakout.
Leans distributor more than shooter ... has an understated / deceptive release and the ability to change the angle of his blade to direct pucks on net.
Competes the entire 200ft. Sturdy strong. Not punishing physically but also not easy to knock off the play.
Very good skater. Trending up.
Young for this draft class.
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2023-24Guelph StormOHL68205474-1336
2023-24Canada U18WJC-18725756
2022-23Guelph StormOHL465914-510
2022-23Canada Red U17WHC-177112-2
2021-22London Jr. Knights Min Mdgt AAAALLIANCE U1621192746-12
2021-22Strathroy RocketsGOJHL4112-0
2021-22London Jr. Knights Min Mdgt AAAOHL Cup533604
  • Compete/Consistency: 90
  • Defensive Zone Starts: 85
  • Hockey IQ: 90
  • Offensive Zone Starts: 95
  • Penalty Kill: 79
  • Power Play: 90
  • Physicality: 72
  • Puck Moving/Passing: 90
  • Shot: 87
  • Skating: 90
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency, Hockey IQ, Skating
  • 12%: Puck Moving/Passing
  • 8%: Shot
  • 4%: Defensive Zone Starts, Offensive Zone Starts, Penalty Kill, Power Play, Physicality