Michael Hage Scouting Report

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Created: Mar. 29, 2024
Updated: Mar. 30, 2024
Talent Type: Amateur
Position scouted: Centre
Age when scouted: 17
Projection: Second Line
Trending: Future Prospect
Birthday: Apr. 14, 2006
Height: 6' 0 | 183 cm
Weight: 190 lbs | 86 kg
Through fifty games played, Hage had produced 31G -37A for the Steel. He plays the game with solid pace. Hage is a threat off the rush in transition. His vision in the offensive zone is one of his most elite elements. Defensive detail, and effort tracking back off the puck ranges and will have to improve before he arrives at the University of Michigan (NCAA). Has time on his side. Offensive element and pace he plays the game wins out.
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2023-24Chicago SteelUSHL543342751753
2022-23Chicago SteelUSHL135510-110
2021-22Toronto Jr. CanadiensOJHL1224-0
2021-22Toronto Jr. Canadi. Mn Mdgt AAAU16 AAA574670116--
2021-22Toronto Jr. Canadi. Mn Mdgt AAAOHL Cup77916124
  • Compete/Consistency: 82
  • Defensive Zone Starts: 75
  • Hockey IQ: 88
  • Offensive Zone Starts: 95
  • Penalty Kill: 60
  • Power Play: 90
  • Physicality: 60
  • Puck Moving/Passing: 89
  • Shot: 92
  • Skating: 89
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency, Hockey IQ, Skating
  • 12%: Puck Moving/Passing
  • 8%: Shot
  • 4%: Defensive Zone Starts, Offensive Zone Starts, Penalty Kill, Power Play, Physicality