Stuart Skinner Scouting Report

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Created: Apr. 17, 2024
Updated: Apr. 20, 2024
Talent Type: Professional
Position scouted: Goaltender
Age when scouted: 25
Projection: #1B
Trending: Under NHL Contract
Birthday: Nov. 1, 1998
Height: 6' 3 | 193 cm
Weight: 207 lbs | 94 kg
Drafted: 78 overall, 2017 round 3 (Logo of the Edmonton Oilers EDM)
Contract: $7,800,000 over 3 years (Cap hit: $2,600,000)
Skinner's entire game tracked mostly positive, overall, this year after a slow start
He battled back from very poor stats in the first couple months of the season and ended with an impressive 2.62 GAA / .905 save percentage - considering how the year started
In his last ten game segment he posted a 6-3-0-1 record - his save percentage slipped to .892 and GAA jumped to 2.89.
Big body goalie. When he drops to the butterfly he still takes up a ton of net / sits upright / doesn't get leaning forward.
Rebound control is key to his success. Pucks in front of him are handled well. When plays spill to the flanks he is tested with his lateral push / quickness at times.
The team in front of him is elite offensively - but do give up high danger chances against more than some contending teams - Needs to start every game 'on time' and give the group confidence to play to their identity.
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2023-24Edmonton OilersNHL592.620.905
2022-23Edmonton OilersNHL502.750.914
2021-22Bakersfield CondorsAHL352.210.92
2021-22Edmonton OilersNHL132.620.913
  • Blocker: 85
  • Compete/Consistency: 95
  • Glove: 89
  • High Net Coverage: 92
  • Lateral Quickness: 88
  • Low Net Coverage: 89
  • Positioning: 88
  • Puck Play: 85
  • Rebound Control: 87
  • Stops in Traffic: 87
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency
  • 10%: Blocker, Glove, High Net Coverage, Lateral Quickness, Low Net Coverage, Positioning, Stops in Traffic,
  • 8%: Rebound Control
  • 2%: Puck Play