Entry-Level Slides 2022-23

If a player who is signed to an entry-level contract and is 18 or 19 years of age (as of September 15 of the signing year), does not play in a minimum of 10 NHL games (including both regular season and playoffs; AHL games do not count), their contract is considered to ‘slide’, or extend, by one year. For example, if a player signed an ELC for three seasons from 2015-16 to 2017-2018, and their contract slides, their contract is now effective from 2016-17 to 2018-19. An exception to this rule is that if the player is 19 on September 15 of the first year of their contract, and turns 20 between September 16 and December 31, their contract does not slide.

Because signing bonuses are paid regardless of a slide, the bonuses paid on the slide year no longer count to the players remaining cap hit. The cap hit therefore changes - the players salary is averaged without the signing bonus.

Games Played Adjustments
  • 2019-20: The 10 GP requirement was pro-rated to 9 GP for players who are identified as COVID Roster Freeze Players. A '(COVID)' tag has been placed beside the name of players who are COVID roster freeze players
  • 2020-21: The 10 GP requirement was pro-rated to 7 GP for all players
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Nolan AllanLD19Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI$847,500$902,500$92,500$825,000$880,000010
Jon-Randall AvonC19Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI$825,000$825,000$75,000$800,000$800,000010
Josh BloomLW19Logo of the Buffalo SabresBUF$859,167$925,000$92,500$836,667$902,500010
Zachary BolducC19Logo of the St. Louis BluesSTL$894,167$1,306,667$92,500$863,333$1,275,833010
Tyler BoucherRW19Logo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT$894,167$1,627,500$92,500$863,333$1,596,667010
Daniil ChaykaLD19Logo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK$847,500$902,500$92,500$825,000$880,000010
Brandt ClarkeRD19Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK$894,167$1,744,167$92,500$863,333$1,713,333010
Sebastian CossaG19Logo of the Detroit Red WingsDET$894,167$1,744,167$92,500$863,333$1,713,333010
Colton DachC19Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI$847,500$902,500$92,500$825,000$880,000010
Zach DeanC19Logo of the Vegas Golden KnightsVGK$883,333$894,167$92,500$852,500$863,333010
Ethan Del MastroLD19Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksCHI$878,333$925,000$92,500$855,833$902,500010
Simon EdvinssonLD19Logo of the Detroit Red WingsDET$925,000$1,775,000$92,500$894,167$1,744,167010
William EklundLW19Logo of the San Jose SharksSJS$894,167$1,744,167$92,500$863,333$1,713,333010
Artem GrushnikovLD19Logo of the Dallas StarsDAL$836,667$902,500$92,500$814,167$880,000010
Dylan GuentherRW19Logo of the Arizona CoyotesARI$894,167$1,744,167$92,500$863,333$1,713,333010
Aleksi HeimosalmiRD19Logo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR$828,333$902,500$92,500$805,833$880,000010
Samuel HeleniusC19Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK$828,333$902,500$92,500$805,833$880,000010
Vincent IorioRD19Logo of the Washington CapitalsWSH$845,000$894,167$92,500$814,167$863,333010
Wyatt JohnstonC19Logo of the Dallas StarsDAL$894,167$1,000,417$92,500$863,333$969,583010
Riley KidneyC19Logo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL$859,167$925,000$92,500$836,667$902,500010
Danila KlimovichRW19Logo of the Vancouver CanucksVAN$855,833$894,167$92,500$833,333$871,667010
Ville KoivunenRW19Logo of the Carolina HurricanesCAR$828,333$902,500$92,500$805,833$880,000010
Braeden KresslerC19Logo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR$821,111$821,111$75,000$800,556$800,556010
Dmitri KuzminLD19Logo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG$807,778$854,444$92,500$795,556$842,222010
Zachary L'HeureuxLW19Logo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH$894,167$894,167$92,500$863,333$863,333010
Carson LambosLD19Logo of the Minnesota WildMIN$894,167$965,000$92,500$863,333$934,167010
Gannon LaroqueRD19Logo of the San Jose SharksSJS$867,500$925,000$92,500$836,667$894,167010
Chaz LuciusC19Logo of the Winnipeg JetsWPG$925,000$1,325,000$92,500$894,167$1,294,167010
Fabian LysellRW19Logo of the Boston BruinsBOS$894,167$1,065,000$92,500$863,333$1,034,167010
Jack MatierRD19Logo of the Nashville PredatorsNSH$820,000$820,000$80,000$801,667$801,667010
Mason McTavishC19Logo of the Anaheim DucksANA$894,167$3,394,167$92,500$863,333$3,363,333010
Olivier NadeauRW19Logo of the Buffalo SabresBUF$859,167$925,000$92,500$836,667$902,500010
Oskar OlaussonRW19Logo of the Colorado AvalancheCOL$894,167$894,167$92,500$863,333$863,333010
Zack OstapchukC19Logo of the Ottawa SenatorsOTT$847,500$902,500$92,500$825,000$880,000010
Brennan OthmannLW19Logo of the New York RangersNYR$894,167$1,344,167$92,500$863,333$1,313,333010
Sasha PastujovLW, RW19Logo of the Anaheim DucksANA$847,500$902,500$92,500$825,000$880,000010
Matvei PetrovLW19Logo of the Edmonton OilersEDM$823,333$833,333$85,000$803,333$813,333010
Francesco PinelliC19Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLAK$867,500$925,000$92,500$845,000$902,500010
Aatu RätyC19Logo of the New York IslandersNYI$836,667$902,500$92,500$814,167$880,000010
Isak RosénRW19Logo of the Buffalo SabresBUF$925,000$1,450,000$92,500$894,167$1,419,167010
Joshua RoyRW19Logo of the Montreal CanadiensMTL$856,667$903,333$92,500$835,000$881,667010
Roman SchmidtRD19Logo of the Tampa Bay LightningTBL$828,333$902,500$92,500$805,833$880,000010
Logan StankovenC19Logo of the Dallas StarsDAL$836,667$902,500$92,500$814,167$880,000010
Chase StillmanRW19Logo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD$894,167$894,167$92,500$863,333$863,333010
Stanislav SvozilLD19Logo of the Columbus Blue JacketsCBJ$847,500$902,500$92,500$825,000$880,000010
Anson ThorntonG19Logo of the Arizona CoyotesARI$807,778$807,778$60,000$795,556$795,556010
Samu TuomaalaRW19Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersPHI$861,667$894,167$92,500$830,833$863,333010
Topias VilénLD19Logo of the New Jersey DevilsNJD$859,167$925,000$92,500$836,667$902,500010
Ty VoitLW19Logo of the Toronto Maple LeafsTOR$817,778$817,778$75,000$800,556$800,556010
Olen ZellwegerLD19Logo of the Anaheim DucksANA$866,667$894,167$92,500$844,167$871,667010