Blake Coleman Trade History

Feb 16, 2020
New Jersey Devils Acquire:
New Jersey Devils
Nolan Foote · $0$925,000$70,000 (AHL/JR)
2020 conditional 1st round pick* (VAN - #20 - Shakir Mukhamadullin)
*Conditions: If Vancouver's pick is a lottery pick, the 2020 1st round pick will transfer to a 2021 1st round pick instead.

Result: New Jersey will receive Vancouver's 2020 1st round pick
Sum: $0$925,000$70,000
Change: -$1,800,000-$875,000+$70,000
Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire:
Tampa Bay Lightning
Blake Coleman · $1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Sum: $1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Change: +$1,800,000+$875,000+$1,800,000
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