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Thread: NJD 2021
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Subbanator7667</b></div><div>What makes you think they are going to improve next year to the point that thier 1st isnt going to most likely be a top 10 pick?

I actually really like Wood, fast, physical, and plays a complete game. Think they were smart to keep him around through the deadline.</div></div>

This year quite literally everything went wrong. On top of that we had 0 goaltending for 50% of the season, as well as an unmotivated team and garbage system. Despite all of that, we are moving in the wrong direction for the lottery because the team is finally developing towards understanding the intangibles.

The ownership showed, too late imo, but showed they are not here for another rebuild. Which translates to a proven coach with a proven system for next season.

The young kids started to show some bite, nico, jack, pavel and jesper..at a certain point the frustration boils over. It was dumbfounding how long it took this team to show any emotion.

Ty smith wasn't ready last year but you better believe he will be this year. The defense will be addressed and improved, which should lead to better goaltending for anyone that plays in net

and for the first time in a long time binghampton is actually playing meaningful hockey that might actually improve the players in our system.

On top of all of this, we have an astronomical amount of cap space that can be spent or weaponized to retool and address needs.

Gusev is a star, Nico and Bratt keep getting better. Zacha will be and is an essential part of this team, and Jack will put on some weight. There is a lot going for this team and a lot to like for players on the move to consider when evaluating ntc's and free agency. Of course theres a chance they stink and draft bottom ten, but in actuality this year was more of a fluke in my opinion. I expect marked improvement next year.

I also believe Blackwood is going to make waves next year, I think hes going to be a top goalie for the next few years, which certainly raises expectations.

Oh and I also expect PK to be much better next year, now that he's healthy, he'll be focusing more on mobility which should serve him well
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>Yzerman did make 3 trades during the season so he didn't have to bring up prospects too early. First he traded Pope for Biega now I'm not saying Pope is anything special he may never make it out of the AHL but a 25yr old winger over a 30 bottom pair defenseman who most likely won't be signed in Detroit. Then he traded Regula for Perlini so far Perlini 37 games 1 goal and 4 points and he is awful Regula was taken at the beginning of the 3rd round in a deep draft I still think he could be a solid defenseman and at 67th overall won't be that far behind the two 2nds we got for AA. Now the Fabbri trade worked out ok but that was because STL had injuries and they wanted DLR because he is solid defensively. Saarijarvi he was totally expendable maybe a fresh start does him good but he is still just an AHL player to small with out the speed or skill that make smaller players successful in the NHL. He was traded for Comire because Pickard was brought in to play for The Griffins because their top 2 goalies went back to Europe to play and Pickard has NO BUSINESS in The NHL. Why he waived Comire after 1 game is beyond me but he has played for 3 teams this season and back to the team he started with but Detroit is the only team that traded for him. You also have to look at what Detroit had to work with Abdelkader, Neilson, Ericsson and Daley all over paid with NTCs then you have Helm who is just overpaid. So the vets that most teams sell off during their rebuild were untradeable thank you Mr. Holland!! I think Holland is a good GM but the 1 thing Edmonton should watch out for is he overpays grinder/energy guys and hands out NTCs like they are Pez. I'm only bringing this up because he got pulled for the 6th time this season last night and still doesn't have a win since 10/29/2019. Howard has had a really rough year and part of it is the team in front of him. He has been a very good goalie and been one of Detroit most consistent players up until this season. I've watched almost every game this season and they are bad but they haven't quit or given up half way through games. Now their core players are still working as hard as in seasons past. Even AA who is pretty bad defensively was back checking and doing his best to play a 200 foot game it's the hardest I've seen him work defensively since he came into the league.</div></div>

that's true they do have some brutal contracts.

this isn't like an anti detroit thing either though, just in general I think it would be interesting to explore. Det isn't even the proper use case, colorado is much better because they went from 48 - 98 points in one year so I dont think they needed nor deserved mackinnon lol

My buddy is a red wings fan, i'm obviously a devil fan, we did this fun thing last night where we looked at who we couldve drafted with our first and second round picks the last few years. long story short, I do not recommend lol
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>This is by far the most ignorant thing I've see posted on this site and if you really think it is true then you really don't have a clue. First there isn't a player in the league that would actually tank on purpose. This season will be the 4th straight season Detroit has missed the playoffs. Detroit traded Nyquist(49) and Jensen(15) at the 2019 TDL and Vanek(36) and Kronwall(27) both retired in the off season. Nyquist was 3rd in points and Vanek was 6th in points for Detroit last season. Losing two defensemen that played top 4 minutes but Kronwall was also Detroit's best defenseman and he finished 8th in points. They added Filppula(21), Erne(4), Nemeth(9) and they did get Bowey(16) in the Jenson trade but Jensen is far better defensively. So it's not that hard to see that they have far less talent this season compared to last season. Detroit already down two starting defenseman they had to deal with injuries. The four starting defensemen from the previous season and the games they've played this season Ericsson 13 games, Daley 38 games, DeKeyser 8 games and Green 48 games. Coming into this season just about every hockey analyst said Detroit was going to be bad this season and worse than last season.

Something I'd like to point out. In the 2016-17 season NJD had the 1st pick (Nico Hischier). Then in 2017-18 a trip to the playoffs and in 2018-19 NJD has the 1st pick again (Jack Hughes). While I do find it very hard to believe an NHL team would really tank on purpose. NJD over the last couple of seasons looks a lot more like a team that tanked.</div></div>

1) relax lol
2) my point is the gm can step in and make a move to help the team a little bit to close the gap towards everyone else and create more parity. My whole point is there could be a threshold, maybe they sign a ufa to help, or implement a better system and coach. I proposed 50 points, how many teams havent been able to muster 50 points in 82 games? very few. Were talking about 1 -3 more wins at most in those cases, that goes a long way in parity
3) I don't think the devils tanked, I think they were very lucky and ultimately won the lottery when they werent the last place team - they were never in position to come close to not hitting a 50 point threshold. in addition the reason they were so bad is they had historically bad goaltending, i mean the guy couldnt win a game for 365 days. and with that, they still had 20+ more points than 50. so frankly you couldnt be more wrong in the comparison

edit: and i get the counter point that you are in a bad spot and dont want to spend assets to prolonge the bad times, but there are ways to achieve a level of quality on the ice that produces just 50 points that dont require completely decimating your existing assets. thats my only point, im not saying 70 points or 80, im saying 50, which is not exactly common. Thats all. Its an opinion and its certainly not ignorant. I look at it not to punish the players but to force the gm to help them.
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