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Thread: Eichel time
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dopplsan</b></div><div>I hate posting just to say "This," but very much this.

CBJ have never actually undergone a true rebuild.

The first decade spent with poor drafting (Filatov, Kopitar...ugh) and an even poorer job trying to build a team around Rick Nash (the Jeff Carter experiment), ending with his trade in 2012.

The winning finish to miss the playoffs by a point the next season, but more importantly lose out on McKinnon in the 2013 draft.

The "rebuild" getting ahead of schedule when the team made the playoffs the next year, and them trying to build with the Johansen/ Foligno/ Bobrovsky core that lasted all of two seasons before Torts came and the team made a few playoffs.

If CBJ were so flushed with prospects and a deep farm system so as to afford it (a la LAK), or were truly one Jack Eichel away from being Stanley Cup contenders (CGY, maybe), I'd be for it. But they're not, and they need to stick the course with what they are doing now. Shortcuts ain't gonna help.

CHI did just that when they dumped a lot for Jones, and traded for one year of MAF, so that they can be...what, *maybe* a fringe wild card contender that'll (yet again) be in cap hell shortly?

No thank you.</div></div>

The Blue Jackets are in building mode, yes, but they are not in a full fledged tear it down rebuild. Not even close. They still have a great core of players and will only need to wait 1-2 years for some prospects to come up and develop, but are nowhere near tearing it down and rebuilding.

Having one bad year, in an effed up COVID season is not a reason to tear down and rebuild, and thankfully that is not what they are doing. They don’t need to be cup contenders to trade for Eichel since he is young and has 5 years on his deal. This is a trade for a 1C, which they desperately need, and would help build for the future. They will have to give up a prime prospect (Marchenko or Chinakov), the rest of the pieces are not making a difference in Columbus on this team.

Time will tell how CHI’s moves will work out, but tanking and rebuilding is a good way to ensure you suck for at least 5 years, if you ever even come out of it with a good team. I like the approach Jarmo and JD have taken with the brick by brick mentality. There is no rebuild, there is only build.

Also, it was Gilbert Brule they took over Koptiar, not Filatov.
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